Navarro Leadership

District President of Navarro College


Navarro College
Phone: 903.874.6501
or 1.800.NAVARRO

Dr. Richard M. Sanchez came out of retirement in 2016 to serve as District President after successfully completing 15 years as Navarro College’s fifth District President in 2013.

Executive Leadership

The policies and procedures set forth by the Board of Trustees are carried out through Navarro College’s presidents and vice presidents. These administrators are responsible for day-to-day college operations and oversee Navarro College’s five locations.


  • Dr. Richard M. Sanchez, District President
  • Dr. Kenneth Martin, President, Ellis County Campuses
  • Dr. Carol Hanes, Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Harold Housley, Vice President of Institutional Advancement and Operations
  • Ms. Sina Ruiz,  Vice President of Enrollment Management
  • Ms. Maryann Hailey, Vice President of Student Services
  • Ms. Teresa Thomas, CPA, Vice President of Finance & Administration
  • Ms. Marcy Ballew, Vice President of Human Resources
  • Ms. Stacie Sipes, Director of Marketing and Public Information
  • Mr. Roark Montgomery, Director of Athletics