Vision, Purpose, and Values

Our Quest
We pursue wisdom, truth and knowledge for ourselves and our students.

Through visionary leadership, outstanding teaching, and high-quality service, Navarro College will achieve distinction as an exemplary two-year institution where quality teaching and learning prevail and students are well prepared to engage in higher levels of education, leadership and employment.

Navarro College seeks to maintain a stimulating and culturally diverse environment wherein students will be inspired to commit themselves to a high level of personal integrity and intellectual rigor. Through an integrated program of general education and support services, students are afforded the opportunity to develop abilities that help enable them to be responsible stewards of their talents, skills and material resources and to acquire a passion for lifelong learning. An open-door, public, comprehensive community college, Navarro College primarily serves the educational, civic and business communities in Navarro, Ellis, Limestone, Freestone, and Leon Counties. The college also attracts students from the remainder of Texas, throughout the United States, and from many other countries. We welcome students from all cultural, educational, and socioeconomic backgrounds, and Navarro College is alert to the changing educational requirements of its constituency and the social and political forces at work within the communities it serves and responds to these changing needs with enthusiasm, creativity, intelligence, and hard work. The college operates in harmony with its enabling statute identified in the Texas Education Code, Section 130.003, which states that the charge of each public community college shall be to provide:

  • technical programs up to two years in length leading to an associate degree or certificates;
  • vocational programs leading directly to employment in semi-skilled or skilled occupations;
  • freshman or sophomore courses in arts and sciences;
  • continuing adult education programs for occupational or cultural upgrading;
  • compensatory education programs designed to fulfill the commitment of an admissions policy allowing the enrollment of disadvantaged students;
  • a continuing program of counseling and guidance designed to assist students in achieving their individual educational goals;
  • workforce development program designed to meet local and statewide needs;
  • adult literacy and other basic skills programs for adults; and
  • such other purposes as may be prescribed by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for post-secondary education in Texas.

In evaluating its mission, Navarro College considers institutional research an essential element in determining how effectively it achieves the purposes stated above. Additional, the college supports academic research consistent with the primary function of the institution.
Core Values
We believe in:

  • providing and accepting a comfortable and safe learning environment conducive to personal growth and development,
  • recruiting and cultivating a caring faculty and staff dedicated to teaching and service excellence,
  • ensuring universal access to affordable higher education through both traditional and innovative delivery systems,
  • encouraging students to actively participate in the learning and decision-making process, and in upholding the dignity and worth of every human being.

In accomplishing the mission/purpose of the college, the board, administration, faculty, and staff shall be guided by the following philosophy:

Navarro College is dedicated to serving the educational needs of students, to promoting the professional development and well-being of all college personnel, and to informing and involving the citizens it serves. The college devotes human and financial resources to create and maintain a collegial environment. This environment is characterized by an institutional emphasis on excellence demonstrated by qualified faculty, administrators and staff who possess a caring attitude toward students, ethical and professional standards of conduct, and respect for the individual. Navarro College also accepts the charge of providing an atmosphere in which students can exercise initiative and personal judgment, leading to a greater awareness of personal self-worth.

Through commitment to enhancing student learning by creative and dedicated teaching strategies, the college provides students the opportunity to develop abilities needed to enter and succeed in college programs and as contributing members of society. The college is committed to maintaining standards through self-appraisal, community involvement, accreditation, statutes, and state/federal guidelines.