Navarro College has many options for the student who chooses to study art. Each course is taught by qualified and experienced professional artists and educators.

Students are exposed to a variety of new artistic influences, including an exchange exhibit that showcases faculty work from partner schools. Art students are also invited to take field trips at least once a semester to museums in either Dallas or Fort Worth.

Navarro College offers students required foundation courses and interesting fine arts electives, including painting, photography and ceramics. Students learn about professional mounting of shows and portfolio preparation, and are encouraged to display their work in Caston Hall.

Navarro College’s Art Club is active throughout the year and includes efforts to raise money for future scholarship awards. Everyone in art is welcomed to join.

World-class museum facilities are located on the Corsicana campus. Navarro College boasts access to the Pearce Western Art Collection located in the Cook Center along with their Artist in Residence Programs.

Look to Navarro College for hands-on experience, a foundation in critical thinking and skills to succeed at a senior college or university. The A.A. in Art also serves as a transfer curriculum for students who plan to pursue additional degrees in art at after completing their studies at Navarro College.


See the Navarro College Catalog for degree plans for A.A. in Art


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An arts degree can be combined with other passions and subject areas to form an exciting career. Examples:

For the technically savvy: Animation, computer/video game design, landscape planning and digital film making.

For history lovers: Educator, museum curator, art librarian/historian, appraiser and antiques expert.

For business and law: Gallery ownership/management, administrator of nonprofit arts organization and consulting pursuant to art as an investment.

For aspiring architects: Designing buildings and developing concepts pertinent to the preservation/restoration of existing structures.

For armchair detectives: Authenticating questionable art works.

For film lovers: Building props and furniture, painting backdrops, designing costumes and creating special effects with makeup for characters such as monsters.

Nor should arts majors rule out the publishing world, where fresh talent is always needed in illustrating books, doing layouts and designing covers.


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