Business Administration

Program LengthFour – five semesters


Potential Salary Range$15,360 – $50,600


Navarro College offers a Business and Business Administration program that covers many aspects of business related courses including accounting, finance, marketing,  and management   The Business Administration Program at Navarro College is a two-year program designed to develop the fundamental skills, knowledge, attitudes and experiences which enable men and women to function as supervisors or managers in such fields as industry, retailing, community service, small business, food services, real estate transportation, wholesaling, office management, and sales.

The program of study is designed as a  cooperative plan with local business and industry with students enrolled in courses taught on campus for formal instruction, internet instruction via on-line courses and concurrently working at a regular paid, part-time or full-time job in sponsoring business firms. The Business Administration program is designed to prepare students for immediate employment after completing the two-year Associate in Applied Science degree.


A.S. Business
A.A.S. Business Administration
Supervisor’s Certificate I
Supervisor’s Certificate II
Management Certificate for MSSLC Workers
Customer Service Certificate


BMGT 1301  Supervision
BMGT 1303  Principles of Management
BMGT 1331  Production and Operations Management
BMGT 1368  Practicum – Business Administration and Management, General
BMGT 1369  Practicum – Business Administration and Management, General
BMGT 1391  Special Topics in Business Administration and Management
BMGT 2309  Leadership
BMGT 2311  Management of Change
BMGT 2368  Practicum – Business Administration and Management, General
BMGT 2371  Principles of Personnel Management for Mental Retardation Workers
BMGT 2488  Intership I – Management Training I
BUSG 2309  Small Business Management
BUSG 2366  Practicum (or Field Experience) – Business/Commerce, General
BUSG 2367  Practicum (or Field Experience) – Business/Commerce, General
BUSI 1301  Business Principles
BUSI 1307  Personal Finance
BUSI 2301  Business Law


Small Business Owner / Manager
Production Controller
Restaurant and Food Service Manager
Retail Sales Worker Supervisor and Manager
Meeting Event and Convention Planner
Convention Manager
Shipping and Transportation Manager
Warehouse Supervisor


Customer Service Certificate 
Management Certificate for Mental Retardation Workers 
Supervisor’s Certificate Level I 
Supervisor’s Certificate Level II 


Business Professionals of America
Small Business Notes
The Advertising Century
Business Daily
Business Data You Can Use
Business Dictionary
Business Plan Guide
Consumer Action
The World Bank Open Data
World Franchising



Judy Cutting, Executive Dean
Bain Center, Room 101
Brad Richardson, Dean
Bain Center, Room 101
Russel Brown, Dept Chair
Bain Center, Room 337


square_black Accounting
square_black General Studies
square_black Paralegal Studies 

square_black Business Writing
square_black Leadership Skills
square_black Customer Service

**Tuition cost reflects a 15-credit hour semester for in-district students for the 2015-2016 academic year.
Cost does not include lab fees, additional fees, books, or supplies. Program costs are approximate and cost is subject to change.
Download the full Fall 2015 tuition chart here