Business Information Technology

Program LengthFour semesters


Potential Salary Range$20,440 – $68,500


Today’s businesses operate in a global economy and Business Information Technology professionals will have the opportunity to interact with customers and associates from all over the world via e-mail, audio and video conferencing, and even face-to-face meetings. These professionals are finding that technology and corporate restructuring have created jobs that are more skilled and more rewarding than ever before. They are moving into areas such as training, supervision, desktop publishing, information management and research, and negotiating with clients and vendors. These administrative professionals are assuming roles once reserved for managerial and professional staff members. Many opportunities await those who master technology, use their interpersonal and communication skills effectively, possess the ability to track and organize and be creative in solving problems, and show a willingness to learn, grow, and accept challenges.


HITT 1305     Medical Terminology I
HITT 2346     Advanced Medical Coding
HPRS 2321     Medical Law and Ethics for Health Professions
MDCA 1302   Human Disease / Pathophysicology
MRMT 1307  Medical Transcription I
POFI 1301      Computer Applications I
POFI 1341      Computer Applications II
POFI 2401      Word Processing
POFI 2431      Desktop Publishing
POFL 1305     Legal Terminology
POFM 1300    Medical Coding Basics
POFM 1317    Medical Administrative Support
POFT 1127     Introduction to Keyboarding
POFT 1301     Business English
POFT 1313     Professional Workforce
POFT 1325     Business Math and Machine Applications
POFT 1329     Beginning Keyboarding
POFT 2203    Speed and Accuracy Building
POFT 2312      Business Correspondence and Communication
POFT 2431      Administrative Systems (Capstone)


Medical Records/Health Information Technicians
Medical Transcriptionists
Financial l Clerks
Information and Record Clerks
Administrative Assistants
Executive Assistants
Specialized Assistants—Medical/Legal/Accounting


Administrative Professional I Certificate
Administrative Professional II Certificate
Medical Office Coding and Transcript Certificate
Medical Office Professional Certificate


Business Professionals of America



A.A.S. Business Information Technology
Administrative Professional I Certificate
Administrative Professional II Certificate
Administrative Specialist for MSSLC Workers Certificate
Marketable Skills Certificate
Medical Front Office Professional Certificate

Judy Cutting, Executive Dean
Bain Center, Room 101
Brad Richardson, Dean
Bain Center, Room 101
Kathy Pillans, Dept Chair
Corsicana Campus
Amy Nicholson, Professor
Corsicana Campus
Linda Lee, Professor
Waxahachie Campus



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**Tuition cost reflects a 12-credit hour semester for in-district students for the 2014-2015 academic year.
Cost does not include lab fees, additional fees, books, or supplies. Program costs are approximate and cost is subject to change.
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