Pre-Dental Hygiene

Program LengthFive semesters


Potential Salary Range$44,180 – $91,470


A Dental Hygienist is a licensed preventive oral health professional who provides educational, clinical, and therapeutic services to the public. In addition to carrying out clinical responsibilities such as scaling and polishing teeth, hygienists help patients develop and maintain good oral health. Navarro College offers an A.S.  Pre-Dental Hygiene degree which is designed for students to take the first two years of prerequisite course work and transfer to a senior college, university or a professional school.


The following curriculum is suggested as an aid in program planning and may be modified by the student in order to meet specific requirements of the intended four-year program at a university. Each student is urged to consult with an academic advisor early in his/her freshman year to plan an entire Navarro College program with reference to a specific four-year program at a university. An Associate of Science Degree is awarded upon the completion of the basic curriculum leading to an Associate of Science degree.

English 6
Government 6
History 6
Computer Science 4
Speech 3
Kinesiology 2
Fine Arts 3
Mathematics (transferable) 6
Physical Science/Life Science 8
Behavioral Science (Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology or Economics) 3
Humanities 3
ORIN 1100 (institutional credit) 1
Courses from major area/electives as listed on the degree plans. 8 – 10


Texas Dental Hygient’s Association
Texas State Board of Dental Examiners



A.S. Pre-Dental Hygiene

Carol Hanes, Executive Dean
Fine Arts, Room 122
Terry Peterman, Dean
Drane Hall, Room 115



square_black Dentistry
square_black Medicine
square_black Cosmetology

square_black Certified Medication Aide
square_black Certified Nurse Aide
square_black EKG

**Tuition cost reflects a 15-credit hour semester for in-district students for the 2014-2015 academic year.
Cost does not include labs, fees, books, or supplies. Program costs are approximate and cost is subject to change.
Download the full Fall 2014 tuition chart here .