General Studies

Program LengthFour semesters


Potential Salary RangeVaries

The General Studies degree prepares students for transfer to a four year college or university. Students study a balanced program of humanities, mathematics, science, and social science courses as a foundation for further learning. Students are urged to consult with an academic advisor or counselor to ensure that the courses selected meet Navarro College requirements and those of the four year college or university to which transfer is intended.

Upon successful completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

  • demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • analyze intricate problems involving unclear possibilities.
  • employ effective methods of research.
  • apply information literacy skills.
  • effectively use written and oral communication skills.
  • discuss the differences in human cultures.


A.A. General Studies
A.S. General Studies


The following curriculum is suggested as an aid in program planning and may be modified by the student in order to meet specific requirements of the intended four-year program at a university. Each student is urged to consult with an academic advisor early in his/her freshman year to plan an entire Navarro College program with reference to a specific four-year program at a university. An Associate of Science Degree is awarded upon the completion of the basic curriculum leading to an Associate of Science degree.

English 6
Government 6
History 6
Computer Science 4
Speech 3
Kinesiology 2
Fine Arts 3
Mathematics (transferable) 6
Physical Science/Life Science 8
Behavioral Science (Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology or Economics) 3
Foreign Language 4 – 8
Humanities 3
ORIN 1100 (institutional credit) 1
Courses from major area/electives as listed on the degree plans. 8 – 10


Office Assistant
Bank Teller
Customer Service Representative
Flight Attendant
Retail Assistant Manager




Carol Hanes, Executive Dean
Administration Bldg, Rm 207
Terry Peterman, Dean
Drane Hall, Room 115


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**Tuition cost reflects a 15-credit hour semester for in-district students for the 2015-2016 academic year.
Cost does not include labs, fees, books, or supplies. Program costs are approximate and cost is subject to change.
Download the full Fall 2015 tuition chart here .