Program LengthFour semesters


Potential Salary RangeVaries


Kinesiology is the study of human movement.  Students who graduate with an Associate’s degree in Kinesiology will be able to work in entry level positions in fitness leadership, corporate wellness, wellness promotion, etc., or transfer to a four-year institution in the field of Kinesiology.  The Kinesiology curriculum at Navarro College is comprised of the athletic training, exercise science, physical education – health education and health dynamics academic programs.  It also oversees the inter-collegiate athletic and club and intramural sports programs.


A.S. Kinesiology


KINE 1101   Aerobics I
KINE 1102   Aerobics II
KINE 1104   Bowling I
KINE 1105   Bowling II
KINE 1106   Cheerleading I
KINE 1107   Cheerleading II
KINE 1108   Boxing I
KINE 1109   Boxing II
KINE 1110   Fitness Dance for Cheerleaders I
KINE 1111   Fitness Dance for Cheerleaders II
KINE 1112   Golf I
KINE 1113   Golf II
KINE 1114   Jogging I
KINE 1115   Jogging II
KINE 1116   Martial Arts I
KINE 1117   Martial Arts II
KINE 1118   Racquetball I
KINE 1119   Racquetball II
KINE 1120   Varsity Women’s Soccer I
KINE 1121   Varsity Women’s Soccer II
KINE 1122   Swimming I
KINE 1123   Swimming II
KINE 1124   Tennis I
KINE 1125   Tennis II
KINE 1126   Varsity Baseball I
KINE 1127   Varsity Baseball II
KINE 1128   Varsity Basketball I
KINE 1129   Varsity Basketball II
KINE 1130   Varsity Football I
KINE 1131   Varsity Football II
KINE 1132   Walk-On  Skills for All Sports I
KINE 1133   Walk-On Skills for All Sports II
KINE 1134   Strength and Conditioning for All Walk-On Sports I
KINE 1135   Strength and Conditioning for All Walk-On Sports II
KINE 1136   Weightlifting I
KINE 1137   Weightlifting II
KINE 1138   Cardiokickboxing I
KINE 1139   Cardiokickboxing II
KINE 1140   Varsity Volleyball I
KINE 1141   Varsity Volleyball II
KINE 1142   Special Topics
KINE 1143   Pilates
KINE 1144   Varsity Softball I
KINE 1145   Varsity Softball II
KINE 1146   Fitness Walking I
KINE 1147   Fitness Walking II
KINE 1148   Introduction to Hatha Yoga
KINE 1149   Intermediate Hatha Yoga
KINE 1151   Scuba – Open Water
KINE 1253   Lifeguarding
KINE 1301   Foundations of Physical Education
KINE 1304   Personal / Community Health
KINE 1306   First Aid and Safety Education
KINE 1308   Sports Officiating I
KINE 1309   Sports Officiating II
KINE 1311   Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries
KINE 1321   Sports Studies I
KINE 1322   Sports Studies II
KINE 1331   Concepts of Recreation
KINE 1338   Concepts of Fitness and Wellness
KINE 1346   Substance Abuse
KINE 2106   Cheerleading III
KINE 2107   Cheerleading IV
KINE 2110   Fitness Dance for Cheerleaders III
KINE 2111   Fitness Dance for Cheerleaders IV
KINE 2120   Varsity Women’s Soccer III
KINE 2121   Varsity Women’s Soccer IV
KINE 2126   Varsity Baseball III
KINE 2127   Varsity Baseball IV
KINE 2128   Varsity Basketball III
KINE 2129   Varsity Basketball IV
KINE 2130   Varsity Football III
KINE 2131   Varsity Football IV
KINE 2132   Walk-On Skills for All Sports III
KINE 2133   Walk-On Skills for All Sports IV
KINE 2134   Strength and Conditioning for All Walk-On Sports III
KINE 2135   Strength and Conditioning for All Walk-On Sports IV
KINE 2140   Varsity Volleyball III
KINE 2141   Varsity Volleyball IV
KINE 2142   Special Topics
KINE 2143   Pilates
KINE 2144   Varsity Softball III
KINE 2145   Varsity Softball IV
KINE 2156   Taping and Bandaging
KINE 2255   Water Safety Instructor
KINE 2375   Introduction to Athletic Training


Athletic Training
Coaching and Scouting
Exercise Physiology
Personal Training and Aerobics Instruction
Physical Therapy
Sports Management
Sports Official
Sports Sociology


Careers in Kinesiology



Carol Hanes, Executive Dean
Fine Arts, Room 122
Terry Peterman, Dean
Drane Hall, Room 115
Roark Montgomery, Director
Special Events Ctr, Rm 231


square_black Massage Therapy
square_black Occupational Therapy
square_black Physical Therapist

square_black Personal Trainer
square_black Postural Assessment
square_black Deep Tissue Massage

**Tuition cost reflects a 15-credit hour semester for in-district students for the 2015-2016 academic year.
Cost does not include labs, fees, books, or supplies. Program costs are approximate and cost is subject to change.
Download the full Fall 2015 tuition chart here .