Massage Therapy

Program LengthTwo semesters


Potential Salary RangeVaries


The Massage Therapy Certificate is designed to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for graduates to take the national exam to become licensed Massage Therapists.  Licensed Massage Therapists work in many settings including Day Spas, Physicians and Chiropractic offices, at hotels and resorts and country clubs or in private practice. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics employment opportunities are expected to grow by 19% through 2018—faster than the average. Texas ranks third in the nation for employed licensed massage therapists (California and Florida rank 1 and 2) The BLS indicates the annual mean wage for Massage Therapists in Texas is $36,630. Massage Therapists help clients overcome injury, relieve stress, and generally live healthier lives. The two semester program is designed to prepare students to become nationally certified. Upon graduation and certification students may go to work in a massage clinic, wellness center, or hospital, spa, cruise ship, or enter private practice.


MSSG  1105 Hydrotherapy
MSSG  1109 Health and Hygiene
MSSG 1207  Business Practices & Professional Ethics
MSSG 1411  Massage Therapy Fundamentals I
MSSG 1413  Anatomy and Physiology for Massage
MSSG  2101  Chair Massage
MSSG 2186 Internship-Massage Therapy/Therapeutic Massage
MSSG 2311  Massage Therapy Fundamentals II
MSSG 2314  Pathology for Massage
MSSG 2413  Kinesiology for Massage


Employment for Massage Therapists is expected to steadily grow over the next few years. Massage therapists can be found in a number of healthcare settings, including:

Medical and Rehabilitation Clinics
Doctors’ Offices
Health Spas
Fitness Centers
Sports Organizations
Tourist Destinations
Cruise Ships


National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Body Work
Texas Department of State Health Services 



Massage Therapy Certificate

Judy Cutting, Executive Dean
Bain Center, Room 101
Brad Richardson, Dean
Bain Center, Room 101
Ginger Mensik, Director
Waxahachie Campus
Corsicana Campus



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**Tuition cost reflects a 15-credit hour semester for in-district students for the 2014-2015 academic year.
Cost does not include labs, fees, books, or supplies. Program costs are approximate and cost is subject to change.
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