Multimedia Technology

Program LengthFive semesters


Potential Salary Range$22,800 – $44,020


Multimedia specialists combine the use of audio, video, graphics, and text to provide and disseminate information to others in an aesthetic manner. Often, their final output is distributed on CD ROMs or DVD, as catalogs, training sessions, books on disk, and tutorials. By combining graphics, audio files, animation and video components, the product of multimedia specialists can often make stronger impacts than printed guides or tutorials.

Multimedia specialists must have an understanding of the production of audio files, video, 2-D and 3-D animation design and computer graphics, as well as how to edit and enhance these files for use in a multimedia presentation. They must also be competent with computer hardware and software, not only on the production side, but on the user side as well, to insure the product will run properly on any given computer.

As multimedia moves to the Internet, many multimedia specialists may do work comparable to that of a webmaster. Graphic designers use a variety of print, electronic, and film media to create designs that meet client needs. Most graphic designers use computer software to generate new images. They design promotional displays and marketing brochures for products and services, develop distinctive company logos for products and businesses, and create visual designs of annual reports and other corporate literature.

Additionally, graphic designers, usually under the supervision of a design or art director, develop the overall layout and design of magazines, newspapers, journals, corporate reports, and other publications. Many graphic designers develop the graphics and layout of Internet Web sites. Graphic designers also produce the credits that appear before and after television programs and movies.


ARTC 1302   Digital Imaging I
ARTC 1313   Digital Publishing I
ARTC 1317   Typography
ARTC 1359   Visual Design for New Media
ARTV 1303   Basic Animation
ARTV 1341   3-D Animation I
ARTV 1343   Digital Sound
ARTV 1351   Digital Video
ARTV 2341   Advanced Digital Video
GRPH 1359   Object-Oriented Computer Graphics
IMED 1301   Introduction to Multimedia
IMED 1345   Interactive Multimedia I
IMED 1416   Web Page Desgin I
IMED 2301   Instructional Design
IMED 2366   Practicum


Video Editor
Multimedia Artists & Animators
Webpage Designer
Graphic Designer
Audio/Visual Production Technician
2D-3D animator
Computer Game Specialist
Story Board Artist


Multimedia Tech Level I Certificate

Multimedia Tech Level II Certificate




A.A.S. Multimedia Technology
Multimedia Technology Level I Certificate
Multimedia Technology Level II Certificate

Judy Cutting, Executive Dean
Bain Center, Room 101
Brad Richardson, Dean
Bain Center, Room 101
Mark Rosenberg, Coordinator
Bain Center, Room 328



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square_black Logic Controllers

**Tuition cost reflects a 15-credit hour semester for in-district students for the 2014-2015 academic year.
Cost does not include labs, fees, books, or supplies. Program costs are approximate and cost is subject to change.
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