Medical Laboratory Technology
Program Mission

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The Navarro College Medical Laboratory Technology Program supports and subscribes to the purpose, mission and philosophy of NavarroCollege.

Our Quest

The Medical Laboratory Technology Program is dedicated to preparing students for successful careers as medical laboratory technicians, to providing hospitals, clinics, and patients with laboratory professionals who possess the competencies of the profession, and who use knowledge, truth and wisdom in the deliverance of patient care.

Our Vision

Through visionary leadership, outstanding teaching, and high quality services, the Navarro College Medical Laboratory Technology Program will serve the educational needs of the students by providing the skills required to perform laboratory procedures and a sound foundation of knowledge that will enable graduates to use critical thinking skills to make appropriate decisions in the collection, handling, and analysis of data so that accurate pathology of disease and diagnosis can be determined.  The program will provide the educational background that will also allow graduates to succeed in a bachelor of science Medical Laboratory Science program and to play leadership roles in the field of laboratory medicine.

Our Purpose

The Navarro College Medical Laboratory Technology Program is dedicated to inspiring students to commit themselves to a high level of intellectual rigor and personal integrity.  Students are encouraged to become acquainted with and to support professional organizations, to attend seminars and workshops and to adopt an attitude of continuous learning.  The program serves a culturally diverse pool of students from the community, the rural service districts, adjoining urban areas, and the larger global community.


The Navarro College Medical Laboratory Technology Program is dedicated to providing the resources, support, and encouragement necessary for students to meet the entry level competencies of the profession.

The program considers the emotional needs of the student by providing a caring environment, and by advising students of college services that will better enable them to achieve their goals. Student professional standards are emphasized and evaluated.  The Medical Laboratory Technology program is committed to maintaining its standards through self-appraisal, through input from laboratory professionals making up the Advisory Committee, employer and graduate evaluations, and through accreditation.