American Honors students are ready for success after Navarro College.

The honors program prepares students for junior- and senior-level coursework at some of the best colleges and universities in the nation. That’s why so many 4-years recruit American Honors students.

  • Recent high school graduates and current Navarro College students with fewer than 30 completed credits are eligible to apply.
  • Students accepted into American Honors tend to have a 3.25+ GPA and can demonstrate college readiness in math and English.


Program Components

  • Honors quality classes.  Small, seminar-style classes are discussion driven with minimal lectures. All classes are led by selected honors faculty.
  • Personal advising support. Dedicated American Honors advisors help students with their college plans, transfer process, and career exploration.
  • Leadership opportunities.  Students connect classroom learnings with real life leadership in their roles as honors council members, volunteers, mentors, etc.
  • Transfer options.  American Honors’ network of four-year schools actively recruits program graduates – and, in some cases, guarantees admission.
  • A community of students like you. Ambitious, dedicated students find like-minded friends in the diverse American Honors community.
  • Professional development. From resume writing workshops to in-depth career conversations, American Honors prepares students for life after college.

Questions? For details on academics, scholarship opportunities, tuition & fees, etc. contact:

American Honors at Navarro College

Dean for American Honors
Dr. Holly Boomer

Recent Student Success Stories from American Honors at Navarro College


Nohemi grew up knowing college was important. Her parents never went to college, but they always encouraged her to earn a degree. Navarro College was an obvious choice for Nohemi, but not just for the financial benefits. She loved the ability to stay close to her family and the community where she grew up. At Navarro College, she joined American Honors to help her achieve her big dream of earning a degree in mechanical engineering. Now, she’s studying at the University of Texas at Dallas with a $15,000 Graduate Caston scholarship.

NohemiTransferred to University of Texas at Dallas in Fall 2015


As one of seven siblings, Yousif sometimes felt lost in the shuffle. But he always knew college was his future—his family came from Sudan to find a better life, and he knew that earning a degree was the way to do it. At the end of high school, Yousif realized he wasn’t ready to go directly to a 4-year college. He decided to start at Navarro College, joined American Honors, and found the support he needed to clarify his goals and achieve his dreams. After he finishes his degree from University of Texas at Tyler, Yousif hopes to apply it by bringing a better life to people in Sudan.

YousifTransferred to University of Texas at Tyler in Fall 2015


Alex knew she could get into a 4-year college right out of high school, but she also knew she couldn’t pay for it. Still, she was reluctant to go to Navarro College because of the stigma against 2-year schools. But once she enrolled in courses, she found something surprising with American Honors: a tight-knit community within the larger setting of the college. That’s where she found additional opportunities, support, and inspiration. Now she’s studying at Texas Woman’s University, with help from the Graduate Caston scholarship for transfer students. Looking back, she reflects that starting at Navarro College was “one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

AlexTransferred to Texas Women's University in Fall 2015


Alex knew he wanted to go to college since he was seven years old. What he didn’t know was what he wanted to focus on there. His American Honors advisor helped him figure out the entire transfer process—from picking a school to completing the application—and now Alex knows his next steps. After finding his focus, Alex transferred to Baylor University, where he’s pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering as a ROTC student.

AlexTransferred to Baylor University in Fall 2015


Blanca came from Mexico when she was nine years old, without knowing a word of English. That didn’t stop her from working toward achieving her dreams. Since she was a little girl, Blanca has wanted to own her own business. She joined American Honors at Navarro College to help her work towards that dream, and she ultimately graduated Magna Cum Laude. Now, she’s studying business administration at University of North Texas.

BlancaTransferred to University of North Texas in Fall 2015

American Honors in the News

American Honors National Transfer Network

Member institutions of the American Honors national transfer network proactively seek program graduates for transfer. Some institutions guarantee admission if specific success criteria are met, such as GPA minimum.

A few members of the national transfer network are highlighted below. See the complete list of 4-year colleges and universities in the network at the American Honors website.