Dual Credit Testing Requirements

As part of the Student Success Initiative, Texas state law requires that students be tested in the areas of reading, writing, and mathematics prior to enrolling in college courses. Listed below are acceptable dual credit admissions tests for Eleventh and Twelfth Grade students set by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (Texas Administrative Code Rule 4.85):

End-of-Course (EOC)
11TH Grade Only
English II EOC may be used for initial enrollment in the 11th grade. Score of 2000 on English II Reading test and/or a score of 2000 on English II Writing test and/or a score of 4000 on Algebra II test; relevant to the courses to be attempted.
10th & 11th Grade
An English/Language Arts score of 2200 or higher with a Writing sub score of 3 and/or Math score of 2200 relevant to the courses to be attempted.
PSAT/NMSQTA combined score of 107 on the PSAT/NMSQT with a minimum of 50 on the critical Reading and/or Mathematics test relevant to the courses to be attempted. (Can only be used for enrollment during junior year).
PLANA composite score of 23 on the PLAN with a 19 or higher in Mathematics and English. (Can only be used for enrollment during junior year).
ACTComposite score of 23 with a minimum of 19 on both English and Mathematics taken within five years.
SATCombined critical Reading (or verbal) and Mathematics score of 1070 with a minimum of 500 on both critical Reading (and verbal) and Mathematics taken within five years.

Note: Students initially enrolling in 12th grade cannot use the English II EOC and must satisfy TSI through one of the other assessment methods listed above.

Students that have not met the acceptable dual credit tests (listed below) must take a College Placement Exam (TSI Assessment). Students who are exempt from one part of the placement test will be required to take the TSI Assessment in the other areas prior to enrolling for related college courses. Ninth and Tenth Grade students must test the TSI Assessment for dual credit admissions.


A student who is enrolled in a certificate program of one year or less (Level-One certificates, 42 or fewer semester credit hours or the equilvalent) at a public junior college, a public technical institute, or a public state college. Therefore, high school students who enroll in workforce dual credit courses which are part of a Level-One certificate or less are exempt from TSI requirements.

Navarro College administers the TSI Assessment test. Check with each campus Testing Center to find out testing availability. The TSI Assessment costs $30.00. If the students wish to retest, the TSI Assessment can be taken again upon availability of space; however, the student must pay each time he or she takes the test. Students should take the placement test at least one week prior to enrollment to ensure that results are available for registration. Students must place into college-level coursework relevant to the courses to be attempted.

While still in high school, students are neither required nor allowed to enroll in developmental classes prescribed by the placement test. However, if students do not pass all sections of the test before graduating from high school, they may be required to enroll in developmental courses after high school graduation.