Schedule of Classes


Schedule of Classes

The online class schedule through WebAdvisor is constantly updated to reflect current class offerings and enrollment. Current or returning students can search for a specific course, instructor, or subject area. To view available courses, scroll to bottom of the page. A login is not required to view course offerings. New students should select a link below to Apply for Admission or Register for Classes.



2017 TERMS

Aug. 28 - Dec. 16
Priority Registration: April 17 - July 28 | *Payment due by July 28 at 12 p.m.

Regular Registration: July 31 - August 18 | *Payment due by August 18 at 5 p.m.

Late Registration: August 21 - August 24 | *Payment due by August 24 at 5 p.m.

Late Registration: August 25 - August 26 | *Payment due by August 26 at 12 p.m.

Late Registration: August 28 - August 29 | *Payment due by end of business day.

*Payment deadlines change when students register for multiple terms in an academic semester.
  • Payment for all terms enrolled in summer (or fall) will be due by the payment deadline of the first summer (or fall) term enrolled.
  • To apply financial aid to multiple summer (or fall) terms, students must register for all terms in summer (or fall) terms prior to the census date of the first class.
  • Financial aid may not cover all terms by this payment deadline. Check with the Financial Aid office about award and payment options.


Location Codes
CC=Corsicana; FAIR=Fairfield; MEX=Mexia; MID=Midlothian; WAX=Waxahachie; ITN=Internet





Instructions on how to search for sections on WebAdvisor

Download WebAdvisor instructions  – PDF

Use Step #1 to Search for all courses

Use Step #2 to Search a particular course

STEP #1: To search for ALL courses offered (entire schedule of classes), you must specify a Term by making a selection in the drop down box and then click the SUBMIT button. To search for a specific term such as mini-mester, 8-week, or 12-week, please use the table above for exact course dates.

STEP #2: To search for a specific course taught, you can do one or more of the following:

  • SUBJECTS – This is the name of the department offering the course. If you want to see what courses are being offered by several different department, select each department under Subjects (max 5).
  • COURSE LEVELS – This allows you to specify First Year, Second Year, and Continuing Education. It is best for you NOT to select a course level.
  • COURSE NUMBER AND SECTION – If you are looking for a particular course number/section (e.g. 101), type it here.
  • SECTIONS MEETING AFTER/SECTIONS ENDING BEFORE – This allows you to find courses taught at certain times of the day.
  • DAYS OF THE WEEK – To find only courses that are taught on specific days of the week, check the boxes that apply here. Please note that you may see courses offered on other days of the week if the course is taught on more than one day.
  • COURSE TITLE KEYWORD(S) – If you’re looking for courses that have a certain word in the title, type it here.
  • LOCATION – Use the following parameters for Location:
    • For all courses offered District-Wide (all campuses), leave this blank
    • For courses taught in Corsicana, select Corsicana Campus
    • For courses taught in Fairfield, select Fairfield
    • For courses taught online, select Internet Virtual College
    • For courses taught in Mexia, select South Campus
    • For courses taught in Midlothian, select Midlothian Campus
    • For courses taught in Waxahachie, select Waxahachie Campus
  • ACADEMIC LEVEL – If you are an Undergraduate student, you can make your selection here.
  • INSTRUCTOR’S LAST NAME – If you are looking for a particular professor, type his/her last name here.

Once you have selected your parameters, click SUBMIT and wait a moment.

NOTE: It is recommended that you do not specify too many criteria, as you may miss out on a suggestive course by doing so. Therefore, select only the criteria that are required (Term) and those that are very important to you (Location, Subject).