Transfer Students

You are considered to be a transfer student if you have enrolled in another regionally accredited college or university following your graduation from high school.

What is needed for the application process?

  • A completed application for admission. Apply online or download, print and mail in the Navarro College Application for Admission for undergraduate admission.
  • Transcript(s) from all colleges and universities from which you have earned academic credit.

When should I apply?

You may apply for admission prior to transferring to Navarro College.  You should consider applying early in your last semester at your current institution.
Additional information can be found at

Transfer Credit

Navarro College awards credit for courses taken through institutions accredited by regional accrediting agencies. Navarro College course equivalencies are established by the academic departments. Navarro College maintains a list of courses from many institutions. Contact the Office of Admissions and Records for more information about the list of transfer credits at (903) 875-7349.

How can I check my admission status?

You may contact the Office of Admissions and Records for the status of your admission at (903) 875-7700.

After I am admitted what do I do?

Once you are accepted into the college, meet with an academic advisor to establish your major’s degree plan and classes that you will need to earn that certificate or degree.