Softball set to open league play Wednesday at Lufkin

Softball set to open league play Wednesday at Lufkin

Someday soon — Friday, March 16 is the target — Navarro softball will play its home opener at Cummings Field.

Believe it or not, Coach Jessica Karenke-Burke’s Bulldogs have played 18 games on the road this season. They are 10-8.  Outings have been spaced so far apart by weather conditions that it seems like they only have played about half that many.

Rain and inclement weather disrupted February and is messing up March.  Whether in Galveston, in Fort Worth, in Longview or at round-robin in Cisco, neither the Bulldogs nor anyone else has yet to complete a full tournament schedule.  Even the occasional doubleheaders at Hill, McLennan and Weatherford were cancelled or re-synchronized on calendars.

Now this problem is starting to plague the start of the Region XIV season.  Navarro was scheduled to open its conference season with a doubleheader last Saturday at Bossier Parish, but it was postponed and must be reset.

NC will try Wednesday to play its first game in 11 days — since an 11-10 win over San Jacinto on March 3 — when it travels to Lufkin.  The Bulldogs are scheduled to face the Angelina Roadrunners in a 3 pm doubleheader that will be their league opener.

Angelina enters Wednesday’s twinbill with an 8-7 record and 0-2 in league play.  The Roadrunners will be looking for their first win at home (0-2) as they try to break a five-game losing streak.  AC has been able to play its schedule with more regularity lately, but lost doubleheaders March 7 to San Jacinto and March 10 to Tyler.

Then, on Friday — weather permitting — the Bulldogs will host No. 3 ranked Tyler (25-2) in its home-opening 1 pm doubleheader.

GAMES PLAYED:  1. Krissy Johnson, Izzy Murillo, Yasmin Melero, Kora Heine, Maddie Moore — 18
GAMES STARTED:  1. Yasmin Melero, Kora Heine, Maddie Moore — 18
AT BATS: 1. Kora Heine 62; 2. Yasmin Melero 57; 3. Maddie Moore 56
RUNS: 1. Maddie Moore 17; 2. Kora Heine and Izzy Murillo 12.
HITS: 1. Krissy Johnson 20; 2. Izzy Murillo, Yasmin Melero, Kora Heine, 19.
DOUBLES: 1. Maddie Moore 9; 2. Yasmin Melero 5; 3. Kora Heine 4.
TRIPLES: 1. Maddie Moore and Taylor Goulet, 1.
HOME RUNS: 1. Yasmin Melero and Kora Heine 3; 3. Four tied with 1.
RBI: 1. Maddie Moore 11; 2. Zoe Miranda and Kora Heine, 10.
TOTAL BASES: 1. Yasmin Melero 33; 2. Kora Heine 32; Maddie Moore 31.
WALKS: 1. Krissy Johnson 8; 2. Maddie Moore 7; 3. Skye Loper 6.
HIT BY PITCH: 1. Taylor Goulet and Brylee Dickinson, 4.
STOLEN BASES: 1. Krissy Johnson and Maddie Moore, 9; 3. Kamo Wells 6.