Bulldogs in Pro Football





April, 2013:


…2-year starter at Navarro, played on 2010 NJCAA Championship Team…






Here is an updated list of former Navarro College football players who either have been drafted by professional football teams, have signed free-agent contracts, participated in summer training camps or have been rostered during regular-season play. (Note: Some of the players on this list may have played only one season for the Bulldogs.)

NC YEARS    POS     PLAYER                           UNIVERSITY             PROFESSIONAL TEAM(S)

2014                   OL       Tristan Nickelson               University of Texas       Tampa

2013-2014        OL       Maurice Porter                    Baylor                              Buffalo

2013-2014        DE       Lourde-Quincy Vasser      University of Texas       Washington (NFL), Calgary (CFL)

2013-2014        DL       Desmond Owino                Jacksonville State          Atlanta

2012-2013        OL        Billy McGehee                   Arizona State                   Atlanta

2011-2012        WR       Marquez Clark                   Central Oklahoma         Atlanta, Saskatchewan (CFL)

2010-2011        OL        Rico Forbes                        Washington State           Green Bay

2010-2011        LB        Christo Lisika                     Southern Nazarene        Cleveland

2011                   DL       Tevin Mims                         South Florida                  Miami

2010-2011        DL       Calvin Barnett                    Oklahoma State              Cleveland

2010-2011        OT       Tavon Rooks                      Kansas State                    New Orleans

2010                  DE      Toby Jackson                      Central Florida               Dallas Cowboys

2009-2010       DB      D.J. Hayden                        Houston                           Oakland Raiders

2009-2010       OL      Michael Bowie                    Northeastern State        Seattle Seahawks

2009-2010       DE      Cameron Henderson        Central Florida               Atlanta Falcons

2010/2012       WR     Jordan Jolly                        Navarro College             Texas Revolution (IFL)

2008-2009      DE      Marquis Frazier                 SMU                                  Winnipeg (CFL)

2008-2009      OG      Robert T. Griffin                Baylor                               New York Jets

2008-2009      DE       Brandon Joiner                 Arkansas State                Cincinnati Bengals

2008-2009      DT       Ray Kibble                          Kansas State                   Atlanta Falcons

2008-2009      WR      Marcus Jackson                Lamar                               Atlanta Falcons

2008-2009      QB       Milton Howell                   Tulsa                                New Orleans Saints

2007-2008      WR      Rodney Bradley                Hawaii                              Baltimore Ravens

2007-2008      OT       Jamarcus Webb                West Texas A&M            Chicago Bears

2007-2008      RB       William Powell                 Kansas State                   Arizona Cardinals

2006-2007      QB       Jeremy Sanders                Baylor                              Colorado Ice (Indoor)

2005-2006      DB       Patrick Resby                    Kansas                             Buffalo Bills

2005-2006      TE       Gerald Harris                     Ole Miss                          Tennessee Titans

2003-2004      DT       Zarnell Fitch                       TCU                                 Baltimore Ravens, NY Jets, Washington

2002-2003      DE       Mike Montgomery            Texas A&M                    Green Bay, Minnesota (NFL), Montreal (CFL)

1999-2000      WR      Kendrick Starling             San Jose State                Houston Texans

1998-1999      DB       DeMarcus Faggins            Kansas State                   Houston Texans

1996-1997      DT       Corey Sears                      Mississippi State              St. Louis/Arizona, Houston Texans

1996-1997      OT       Stockar McDougal             Oklahoma                        Detroit, Philadelphia

1995-1996      OL       Willie Brown                       Houston                          Washington

1994-1995      DB       Ramos McDonald              New Mexico                    Minnesota, San Fran, NY Giants

1993-1994      DT       Pat Williams                       Texas A&M                     Buffalo, Minnesota

1993               DT       Mark Smith                         Auburn                            Arizona, Cleveland

1992-1993     OG       Jermane Mayberry             A&M-Kingsville           Philadelphia, New Orleans

1991-1992      DB       Odell Parks                                                                  Dallas, Milwaukee (Arena)

1991-1992      RB       Earnest Hunter                  SE Oklahoma State      Cleveland Browns

1991-1992      CB       Marcus Gates                    East Texas State            Canadian Football League

1990-1991      LB        Keith Burns                       Oklahoma State            Denver Broncos

1990-1991      DB       Aaron Glenn                      Texas A&M                    NY Jets, Houston, Dallas, Jcksnvl

1989-1990      DT       Al Fontenot                        Baylor                             Chicago, Indianapolis, San Diego

1989-1990      DT       Mark Wheeler                    Texas A&M                   New Eng, Tampa, Phila

1989-1990      LB       Keo Coleman                     Mississippi State          NY Jets, GB, Tampa (Arena)

1988-1989     QB       Hunky Cooper                    UNLV                             Arizona Rattlers (Arena)

1983-1984     OT       Emil Slovacek                    Stephen F. Austin         San Diego Chargers

1982-1983     TE       Billy Brooks                        Oklahoma                      Cincinnati Bengals

1981-1982     WR      Eddie Brown                      Miami                             Cincinnati Bengals

1980              QB       Fred Hessen                      Lamar                             (USFL) New Orleans, Oak, Phila

1979-1980     DE       Fred Robinson                   Miami                           Tampa, Miami

1977-1978     DB       Ken Sitton                          Oklahoma                      Baltimore Colts

1975-1976     LB       Reggie Mathis                    Oklahoma                      New Orleans Saints

1975-1976     WR      Willis Adams                      Houston                         Cleveland Browns

1973-1974     DT       Edgar Fields                      Texas A&M                     Atlanta Falcons

1973-1974     RB       Horace Ivory                      Oklahoma                      New England Patriots

1972-1973     DB       Tim Gray                            Texas A&M                    KC, St. Louis, San Fran

1970-1971     WR      Charles Dancer                  Baylor                            Canadian Football League

1970-1971     DB       Durwood Keeton                Oklahoma                    New England Patriots

1970-1971     LB        David Smith                                                              Philadelphia Eagles

1969-1970     TE        Ken Smith                          New Mexico                Cleveland Browns

1966-1967     WR       Bubba Thornton             TCU                               Buffalo Bills

1966-1967     DE        Roy Meyers                                                              Denver Broncos

1965              WR       Ed Bell                               Idaho State                    NY Jets, San Diego

1969                            LeRoy Johnson                 East Texas State          Chicago Bears

1963-1964     QB        Billy Guy Anderson           Tulsa                           LA Rams, Houston Oilers

1962-1963     WR       Harlan Lane                      Baylor                           St. Louis Cardinals (NFL)

1961-1962     DB        Doug Hart                         UT-Arlington               Green Bay Packers

1961-1962     QB        Karl Sweetan                   Wake Forest                   Detroit Lions

1959-1960     DE        Ray Jacobs                      Howard Payne               Denver, Buffalo, Miami

Willie Brown                                                            Washington Redskins

Marvin Cephous                                                      Philadelphia Eagles

James Daniels                                                         Oakland Raiders

Eddie Fletcher                                                         LA Rams (NFL)

James Nunn                     Oklahoma State          Canadian Football League

DE       Glenn Robinson               Oklahoma State        Chicago Fire

Darryl Stewart                                                           Philadelphia Eagles

Matt Tieman                                                            Canadian Football League

Kenneth Taylor                                                       Houston Oilers