Emergency Preparedness

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Department of Campus Safety

Campus Police Emergency Number: (903) 875-7500

Navarro College Department of Public Safety has developed a comprehensive safety plan. The plan is designed to prepare people on campus for unlikely events such as hostile situations, as well as likely events such as inclement or severe weather.

A number of measures listed below have been implemented to notify the campus community in the event of a problem or emergency:

Watchdog Alert System – Automatically alerts by phone, email, text message, pager, and PDA of emergency situation that could affect the campus.

Fire Alarms – If this alarm sounds, leave the building quickly and move to the designated area.

NC Website – In the event of an emergency, a special page with instructions will be available.

Download Stanard Response Protocol classroom posters:

[space px=”-15″]English: Standard Response Protocol (PDF, 70.1MB)

[space px=”-15″]Spanish: Standard Response Protocol (PDF, 141KB)

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  1. Be aware of your surroundings.  Being aware of where you are and what is happening around you can help you to understand how information  events, and your own actions will impact your safety and your ability to protect yourself, both now and in the near futures.
  2. Protect Yourself.  Based upon your assessment of the situation, use your best judgement to protect yourself and, if possible, others.
  3. Call for help.  Any emergency service can be summoned by calling 911.
  4. Help Others.  Once you are safely away from the danger, warn others of the hazard and help if you can without putting yourself in danger.



[space px=-20]Our ability to survive a disaster also depends on you doing your part to prepare for the unexpected. When calling an emergency assistance number, remember to:

  1. Give your name, location and phone number.
  2. Describe what happened.
  3. Do not hang up until asked to do so.

Look for information from your WebMailTwitter, Facebook, Navarro College website and local media sources.




[space px=-25]Download the Campus Safety Plan 2013



[space px=-20]The following are government sites with official information in the event of an emergency: