Department of Campus Safety

Campus Police Emergency Number: (903) 875-7500

Navarro College Traffic Safety Rules and Regulations

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In case of auto accident on the campus of Navarro College, you must notify the Navarro College Department of Public Safety or the local jurisdictional law enforcement agency.


The policies and regulations contained herein are given the effect of law by Senate Bill 162, 60th Legislature, 1967, of which Section 2 is quoted in part below:

“Each governing board of the State institutions of higher education of this state is hereby authorized to promulgate rules and regulations for the safety and welfare of students, employees, and property and such other rules and regulations as may be deemed necessary to carry out the provisions of this Act and the governance of the respective instructions, providing for the operation and parking of vehicles upon the grounds, streets, drives, and alleys or another institutional property under its control.”


The control of traffic on campus is a necessary part of the efficient operation of the College.  All members of the College community are urged to familiarize themselves with these regulations and to cooperate in respecting them.


SB 162 of the 60th Legislature now incorporated into the Texas Higher Education Code Subchapter E, paragraph 51.201-51.221.


State laws, city ordinances, and College rules and regulations (adopted by the Board of Trustees) are applicable and may be enforced on the College premises and referrals made to the appropriate court of jurisdiction.


SECTION A – All vehicles, as defined by state law, operated on College premises must be registered with Navarro College and the permit must be properly displayed.

SECTION B – Employees have ten (10) business days to register their vehicle upon commencement of employment or following the acquisition of a replacement vehicle if said vehicle will be operated on campus. Students have ten (10) business days – beginning on the first official class day of any semester – to register their vehicle.

SECTION C – The person who owns or registers a vehicle on campus is responsible for that vehicle and all parking violation citations issued thereto. If the person operating the vehicle is other than the registrant when the violation is committed, both the driver and the registrant may be cited.

SECTION D – The operation of motor vehicles on the premises of Navarro College will be restricted to campus drives and parking lots unless special permission is granted by the Navarro College Department of Public Safety for a specific purpose.

SECTION E – Citations received for any violation stated herein could result in the loss of driving privileges on the premises of Navarro College unless the fines are paid within ten days, excluding holidays, weekends, and appeal processes.

SECTION F – Registration is for one (1) academic calendar year, beginning with the first official class day of the fall semester.

SECTION G – Vehicles may be registered during regular class registration at the registrant’s respective campus. Faculty and staff members may register vehicles via the employee intranet system. Employees, students, and visitors shall register their vehicles at one the following locations:

1.  Corsicana Campus – Gooch One-Stop Student Center (Registrar’s Office)
2.  Waxahachie Campus – Building A (Admission/Records)
3.  Midlothian Campus – Building #1 (Business Office)
4.  Mexia Campus – Business Office


SECTION A – Permits are issued to full-time and part-time faculty and staff members for their use exclusively. Permits are marked “Faculty & Staff” and are red/white in color.

SECTION B – Permits are issued to Residence Life students and are marked “Housing”. The coloration of these permits changes on a yearly basis to reflect an academic year.

SECTION C – Permits are issued to Commuter students and are marked “Commuter”. The coloration of these permits changes on a yearly basis to reflect an academic year.

SECTION D – All of the above permits become void on the effective date of any status change of the individual if the new status is not eligible for the original-type permit issue.

SECTION E – Temporary parking permits are issued to campus visitors as well as students, faculty, and staff members who temporarily utilize a vehicle not registered with Navarro College.


A visitor shall be defined as anyone who has no affiliation, association, or relationship with Navarro College as a student, faculty member, or employee, or as determined by the Chief of Campus Police.

SECTION A – Visitors are required to register the motor vehicle that is to be operated on the premises of Navarro College. Visitors must obey traffic and parking regulations as a condition of remaining on the premises of the College.

1. Visitor Permits: Temporary Visitor Permits are issued on a temporary basis and expire on the date and time indicated on the permit. The expiration date and time will be determined at the time of the permit’s issuance.

SECTION B – Department heads may request visitor permits from the Business or Registrar’s Office of their respective campus and dispense the permits to the people involved in short-term visits to the College for events such as meetings and seminars. A list should be forwarded to the Registrar’s Office showing the course, estimated number attending, and inclusive dates at least one week prior to the beginning of the short-term visit.


There is a $15.00 charge for students who register a motor vehicle.  There is no charge for faculty and staff members who register a motor vehicle.


SECTION A – A permanent registration permit is properly displayed when permanently affixed to the 4 vehicle’s lower left or lower right windshield. These permits are self-adhering and shall not be affixed in any other manner. Permits are non-transferable.

SECTION B – When ownership of a vehicle changes, a new permit will be issued at no charge when the discernible remnants of the original permit are returned.


SECTION A – Persons who have a registered motor vehicle but, due to mechanical failure or other issues, are not able to operate the registered vehicle may obtain a temporary operating permit for a second vehicle from the Business or Registrar’s Office of their respective campus.

1. The vehicle must be registered immediately upon arrival on the premises of the College.
2. The date and time of expiration will be determined at the time of the issuance of the permit.

SECTION B – Those persons permanently disabled and who are confined to wheelchairs, or who have severe paralytic issues, should seek the issuance of a handicapped parking placard or license plates with the assistance of a physician. Persons who have either a handicapped placard or license plates may park in any parking space designated for handicapped vehicle parking.


Traffic and parking regulations are enforced whenever Navarro College DPS officers are present on campus and on duty.The purchase or issuance of a motor vehicle registration permit does not guarantee a parking space on the premises of Navarro College, nor does the absence of a parking space or inclement weather constitute a valid justification for violation of traffic and parking regulations. The mere fact that citations are not issued for an offense does not indicate that the regulations have been modified excluding that offense.


On special occasions and in emergencies, parking and traffic limitations may be imposed by an officer of the Navarro College Department of Public Safety or an employee of the Navarro College Physical Plant, as required by conditions that prevail.


The following are acts that constitute a violation of the traffic and parking regulations of Navarro College and the fines that pertain to each:

PARKING is defined as “parking, stopping, or standing.”

SECTION A – Regulations which are unique to this institution:

Failure to register a vehicle and display current permit$10.00
Improperly displaying a permit$10.00
Parking disregarding barricades, traffic cones, or traffic control devices$25.00
Parking in an area not specifically designated as a parking space, to include, but not limited to:
    Lawn, grassy area, and turf$25.00
    Sidewalks and/or crosswalks$20.00
    No Parking Zones$20.00
    Loading Zones (when not loading/unloading)$20.00
    Service/Delivery areas$20.00
    Blocking a drive/alley$20.00
    Parking in Fire Lanes$25.00
    Area not striped as a parking space$25.00
Parking in or blocking handicap space or ramp$50.00
Double parked$20.00
Transferring citation to another vehicle$20.00
Failure to remove citation$10.00
Parking/storing a non-operating vehicle$10.00
Parking/storing trailer or boat$10.00
Parked facing traffic flow$20.00
Parking in authorized or restricted area without appropriate permit$25.00

SECTION B – Registration enforced and not covered by this publication:

1. All other laws regulating traffic within the State of Texas as defined within the State Traffic Code.
2. All regulations embodied in the ordinance of the city in which the campus is located governing and regulating traffic.

NOTE: Violations of the above-listed Navarro College Traffic and Parking Regulations which also constitute a violation of current Texas State Traffic Code may be cited in the Justice of the Peace Court or Municipal Court located in the county having jurisdiction in lieu of, but not in
conjunction with, the Navarro College DPS citation. In any event, persons receiving a citation shall comply with the instructions on the citation form or with the officer’s directions.


SECTION A – Students, faculty, staff members, and visitors receiving a Navarro College DPS parking citation have five (5) business days from the date of issuance to pay the corresponding fine or request an appeal. Fines shall be paid at the Business Office (Cashier) of the respective campuses, which are located as follows:

1. Corsicana Campus – Gooch One-Stop Student Center
2. Waxahachie Campus – Building A
3. Midlothian Campus – Building #1
4. Mexia Campus – Business Office

SECTION B – An online appeal may be submitted by visiting the Navarro College DPS website at and clicking the appropriate link to the appeal form.

1. Appeal Process – If an appeal is submitted, the Chief of Police or his/her designee will review the appeal and decide whether or not to uphold the citation. If the citation is not rescinded, or is otherwise upheld, the student has two (2) business days to appeal the Chief of Police’s (or his/her designee’s) decision by appealing in writing directly to the Chief of Police. The Chief shall then assemble an Appeal’s Committee consisting of two (2) staff/faculty/administrators, two (2) students, and a chairperson selected from Administration. The Appeals Committee shall, under normal circumstances, be assembled once per month to hear appeals. The decision rendered by this Appeals Committee shall represent the final authority for traffic and parking violation grievances at Navarro College.

SECTION C – Students with outstanding and overdue traffic and/or parking regulation violations are reported to the Vice President of Student Services, the Business Office, and the Admissions and Records Office. The citations must be paid in full as a condition of re-entry into academic study or to receive any permanent academic record.

SECTION D – Faculty and staff members with overdue traffic and/or parking regulation violations will be reported to the Associate Vice President of Human Resources. Failure to pay fines by the following semester may result in the loss of driving and parking privileges on campus until the citations are paid in full.

SECTION E – The following conditions are enforced for those persons receiving multiple parking citations on a per-semester basis:

1. First offense – Fee based on violation (see Article 11).

2. Second offense – Fee based on violation (see Article 11).

3. Third offense – Fee based on violation (see Article 11), plus student referral to the Vice President of Student Service for possible disciplinary action.

4. Fourth offense – Fee based on violation (see Article 11), plus student referral to the Vice President of Student Services for possible disciplinary action (to include possible suspension of the violator’s driving privileges on campus).

5. Fifth offense:

a) Students – Fee based on violation (see Article 11), plus student referral to the Vice President of Student Services for possible disciplinary action and removal of the vehicle from the campus at the owner’s expense.

b) Employees – Fee based on violation (see Article 11), plus referral to employee’s supervisor and removal of the vehicle from the campus at the owner’s expense.

c) Visitors – Fee based on violation (see Article 11), plus removal of the vehicle from the campus at the owner’s expense.


SECTION A – The shift commander of the Navarro College Department of Public Safety (NCDPS) may have vehicles removed from the premises of the College at the owner’s expense for the following reasons:

1. Five or more traffic rules and regulations violations per semester.

2. Displaying a lost or stolen permit on a vehicle.

3. Displaying an unauthorized permit on a vehicle.

4. Parking a vehicle on campus after driving/parking privileges have been denied.

5. Failure to display current valid license plates.

6. Parking, stopping, or standing in any Fire Lane.

7. Parking disregarding barricades or traffic cones erected by the Police Department or Physical Plant.

8. Parking on any lawn, sidewalk, or in any area that is restricted vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

9. The vehicle is endangering life or property (i.e. vehicle on fire, leaking fuel, etc.).

10. The vehicle is an obstruction to any emergency equipment.

11. The vehicle is blocking access to any building, loading zone, reserved area, barricades, or maintenance equipment.

12. A motor vehicle is parked in an area with “NO PARKING” signs or markings or an area not striped for parking.

13. Failure to obey the order of a Navarro College DPS officer.

14. Parking on a non-paved (grass or grounds) area.

15. A motor vehicle is parked in violation of the parking regulations and is blocking another vehicle to the point where the other vehicle is unable to move. Note: Reasonable attempts to contact the offending vehicle’s owner will be made prior to removal whenever possible.


SECTION A – Students, faculty, and staff members riding bicycles on the premises of Navarro College are subject to all State laws pertaining to bicycles.

SECTION B – Additional Traffic and Parking regulations:

1. No bicycle will be ridden on sidewalks, walkways, lawn, or in any building, unless expressly approved for bicycle traffic by the Navarro College Department of Public Safety.

2. Bicycles may not be tied, locked, or secured in any way to permanent fixtures, to include:

a. Trees, shrubs

b. Handrails

c. Walk guardrails

d. In or on any walkway

3. Bicycles secured to any permanent fixtures may be removed at the owner’s expense.

4. Bicycles will not be taken into any building unless approved by both the Navarro College Department of Public Safety and the department head in charge of the building.

5. Violators of the above regulations shall be identified and disciplinary actions will be taken.

Necessary removal of a bicycle from the premises of Navarro College shall be accomplished at the owner’s expense.


SECTION A – Pedestrians on the premises of Navarro College must not endanger their safety or constitute an unreasonable impediment to lawful vehicular traffic by crossing streets at other than authorized lanes or by willfully walking on or congregating in the streets.

SECTION B – Pedestrians will avoid walking across any area(s) not designated for pedestrian traffic.


SECTION A – All “No Parking” zones shall be marked with a sign or by yellow paint applied to the street or curb or both.

SECTION B – All “Fire Lanes” shall be marked with a sign or by red paint applied to the curb or street and stenciled “No Parking Fire Lane” or combination thereof.

SECTION C – All “Handicap” zones and parking spaces shall be marked with a handicap sign and have
the curb marked with blue paint or handicap symbol or combination thereof.