Criminal Justice – A.A.

Program Information: The transfer curriculum shown below is designed for students who plan to transfer to a senior college or university. Upon successful completion of the courses shown, the student will graduate with an Associate in Arts Degree. If a student elects not to follow the recommended sequence, a counselor will help the student select courses needed to reach his or her educational goals.

SubjectsCourse NameSemester Hours
ENGL 1301Composition I3
HIST 1301United States History I OR3
HIST 2301Texas History3
CRIJ 1301Introduction to Criminal Justice3
CRIJ 1307Crime in America3
Approved Physical / Life Sciences4
ORIN 1100FYE Beau Camp1
Total Semester Hours17
SubjectsCourse NameSemester Hours
ENGL 1302Composition II OR3
ENGL 2311Business / Technical Writing3
HIST 1302United States History II OR3
HIST 2301Texas History3
CRIJ 1306Court Systems & Practices3
CRIJ 1310Fundamentals of Criminal Law3
Approved Physical / Life Science Elective4
Total Semester Hours16
SubjectsCourse NameSemester Hours
GOVT 2305Federal Government3
CRIJ 2313Correctional Systems & Practices3
SPCH 1311Introduction to Speech Communication OR3
SPCH 1315Public Speaking OR3
SPCH 1321Business and Professional Communication3
MATH 1314College Algebra OR3
MATH 1332Contemporary Mathematics I3
Approved KINE Activity1
Approved Humanities Elective3
Total Semester Hours16
SubjectsCourse NameSemester Hours
GOVT 2306Texas Government3
CRIJ 2328Police Systems and Practices OR3
CRIJ 2314Criminal Investigation3
SOCI 1301Introduction to Sociology OR3
PSYC 2301General Psychology3
COSC 1401Introduction to Computing4
KINE Activity1
Approved Visual / Performing Arts Elective3
Total Semester Hours17

This is a sample degree plan; students should consult catalog of senior institution they plan to attend since some requirements vary. Counselors are available to assist in this matter.

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