Office of Financial Aid


Navarro College disburses all financial aid balances, including Stafford Loans, through BankMobile. For more information about BankMobile, visit this link:


– Financial aid will be disbursed based on the number of active courses at the time. This means that students may have multiple disbursements during the semester. Students with multiple start dates must have all tuition for the semester paid before refunds are processed.


– Classes that start after the beginning of the regular term will be paid ten days prior to the beginning of that class.


– Students who enroll in a non-standard term class (ex. 12 or 8 week) after their aid has been fully disbursed will be responsible for payment of the tuition of the class.


– Federal loans require at least half-time enrollment (6 hours). Disbursement date(s) will be based on the term in which you begin your 6th credit hour.


– Police academy students from all campuses receive all refunds via checks made through the Corsicana business office on the listed refund date.


Please note, WebAdvisor balances are adjusted for current student enrollment status.  If you are less than full time (12 hours) your Pell Grant refund is reduced to less than your total award. For more information regarding how the Pell grant amounts are affected by enrollment, please see our Grants page.  Students awarded financial aid after the initial date listed below will be refunded 14 business days following the award date.


If a student receives a refund for a semester and then withdraws or is dropped from all courses the student will be responsible for repaying some or all money received and/or used. The amount that the student is responsible for repaying will be determined based on the time at which the student withdraws from the semester.  Any funds owed to Navarro College or the Department of Education must be repaid before the student will be able to re-enroll, request transcripts, or be eligible for additional financial aid.

Book Availability

Students with Pell Grant and Repeat Loan Borrowers can use financial aid in the bookstore beginning the week before classes start. Financial aid is only available for use in the bookstore through the end of the first week of school so that refunds can be made on the below listed date. Students who are New Loan Borrowers, that do not have other types of financial aid will be responsible for paying for their own books.

Refund Dates

Detailed information about refund dates can be found on MyNC Financial Aid.