Navarro Dinero is a prepaid spending account on your Navarro College ID Card offering a convenient and economical way to make purchases at various locations at Navarro College. Additional Benefits of Navarro Dinero Convenient – Make purchases with the ID Card you already carry. No need to carry cash, exact change, checks or credit/debit cards. Pre-Paid – Only spend what you have. No surprise bills, interest payments or bank fees. Your account balance is immediately adjusted as you use your card. Fast & Easy to Use – Just present to the cashier for payment. Easy to Add Value – Add funds to your account by check or credit/debit card. Safe & Secure -If you lose your Navarro College ID Card, you can suspend your account and have your value transferred to a new card. Carries Over – Navarro Dinero carries over from semester to semester and year to year for as long as you are a student at the college.

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