Scholarships and Grants


Backed by a supportive community and generous alumni and friends, Navarro College is able to offer students a variety of scholarships (See listing). Due to differing requirements, expectations, and award amounts, please contact the Navarro College Foundation for more specific information with regard to a particular scholarship. By signing and accepting a scholarship, you are entering into a contract. Make sure you understand your responsibilities before you sign your scholarship.

Apply for a Scholarship

Scholarship Award

Have you been awarded a scholarship through a source other than Navarro College or the Navarro College Foundation?

  • You will need to inform the financial aid office of your award.
  • Scholarship checks should be made out to Navarro College and mailed or delivered to the Navarro College Office of Student Financial Aid.
  • Questions about the process of reporting and receiving your scholarship can be directed to Mary Glasco.


Grants, unlike loans, do not have to be repaid. Typically, the grant may cover educational expenses, such as tuition, fees, on-campus room and board. Books and supplies may also be covered (again, depending on the grant), with your written authorization. Be sure to contact us if you do not understand what your grant will pay for.

Click the links below to learn more about grant programs available for eligible students pursuing a postsecondary education.

Federal Pell Grant

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

Texas Educational Opportunity Grant (TEOG)

Texas Public Education Grant (TPEG)

Pell Grant Proration
You are not required to be a full-time student (12 hours) to receive your Pell Grant. However, if you are enrolled in less than full-time, your Pell Grant will be prorated to match your enrollment status. Please see below to determine what percentage of your total award you will be eligible for based on your enrollment status.

Part-time (<6 hrs) =25% award
Half-Time (6-8 hrs) = 50% award
Three-Quarter (9-11 hrs) = 75% award
Full-Time (12+hrs) = 100% award

Enrollment status is based on classes that have started. Courses with a later start date in the same semester are not taken into account for this calculation until they begin. Please note, WebAdvisor balances are not adjusted for current student enrollment status. This means that the amount listed is not necessarily the refund amount the student is owed. If you are less than full time (12 hours) please stop by a financial aid office to see your current remaining balance – refund amounts cannot be given over the phone.

What if I need to drop a class?
The amount of Pell Grant that you receive is based on the number of hours you are currently taking. If you drop a class before the census date, your award eligibility will be reduced if it changes your attendance status (full-time, three-quarter time, half-time). Please contact us before you drop any classes so we can determine if there will be a change in your award.

What if I need to drop all of my classes?
If you are receiving Federal Student Aid and completely withdraw from the college, you may be required to pay back the unearned portion of the money. To avoid any penalty, you must complete at least 60% of the semester. If you are considering withdrawing, please contact us so that we can determine if there will be any necessary repayment.

Summer Pell
Pell for summer will be paid from any unused funds during the school year. Pell-eligible students who were enrolled full-time for both the fall and spring semesters will not be eligible for additional pell during the summer semester. To apply for this additional aid, a student will need to register for at least six hours during the summer semester and then contact the financial aid office. Actual pell award amounts will be based on enrollment status.

Externally Funded Scholarships

External scholarships are outside agencies which are sought independently by the student. Navarro College has no connection with or control over these websites:

College Board 


College Toolkit


Jack Kent Cooke Foundation