About Alumni Association

The Navarro College Alumni Association is the lifeline between the college and its graduates. Its goal is to provide ways for all alumni to stay in touch, informed and involved with their Alma mater.  Graduates and former students are encouraged to become active members by joining the Alumni Association.

Permanent alumni records are maintained by the Foundation, and include mailing addresses and e-mail addresses of graduates and former students.

The Alumni Association offices are located in the Albritton Building, Room 125 in Corsicana at 3200 W. 7th Avenue.

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For the recent graduate, 10 reasons to be involved with your alma mater…

  • Maintain lifelong friendships. Keep in touch with your Navarro College family.
  • Network. Connect with alumni in similar fields, positions and locations.
  • Continue your favorite traditions. Keep the pride alive!
  • Be informed. Receive the most up-to-date info about current events on campus.
  • Have fun. Alumni events are a celebration of all things red and white.
  • Impact the future of Navarro College. Give back to the college community in a way that fits you.
  • Share your story. Tell us your personal and professional achievements.
  • Add value to your degree. Learn new opportunities in your academic field.
  • Feed your inner Bulldog. Discover ways to stay connected with the college.
  • Leave your mark. Define your legacy as one of proud alumni.