Scholarship Opportunities


Navarro College Foundation Scholarship

The Navarro College Foundation Scholarship is eligible to all Navarro College students. These scholarships are endowed by the generosity of  our donors throughout the year. Award amounts vary depending of availability of funds.
Navarro College Foundation Online Application

Dr. Larry Weaver, Faculty, and Navarro College Employees Scholarship 

The Weaver scholarship is endowed by the Navarro College faculty and staff and friends of Dr. Larry Weaver. The scholarship is eligible to all Navarro College students. The application does require one letter of recommendation from a Navarro College faculty member and another professional letter of recommendation.
Dr. Weaver, Faculty, and NC Employees Online Application

Health Professions Scholarship

The Navarro College Foundation maintains special endowment funds for health professions scholarships. These scholarships are awarded to people working toward nursing degrees, including LVN, ADN, MLT, OTA, or pre-bachelor’s degree in nursing. The scholarship award amounts vary depending on availability of funds.
Health Professions Online Application

Gloria La’Shawn Gee Scholarship 

The Gee Scholarship is in memory of Gloria who tragically passed away on August 9, 1995 at the tender age of twelve. The scholarship is funded by the family and friends of Gloria La’Shawn Gee.
Gloria LaShawn Gee Online Application

M.C. and Mattie Caston Scholarship

The first M.C. and Mattie Caston Scholarships were awarded in 1983 to deserving high school seniors who met specific academic and leadership criteria. Since 1983, more than 700 seniors have received these scholarships and have furthered their education at Navarro College.
M.C. and Mattie Caston High School Online Application

M.C. and Mattie Caston Graduate Online Application

Harold Crouch Micronesian Scholarship

The Harold Crouch Micronesian Scholarships are awarded to Micronesian Islanders who are pursuing an education at Navarro College.

Harold Crouch Micronesian Online Application

John Deere Scholarship

The John Deere Scholarship is for students enrolled in the John Deere Program.
John Deere Online Application

Howell Group International Foundation Scholarship 

The Howell Group International Scholarship is for a military veteran that is enrolled in the petroleum technology program.
Howell Group International Foundation Online Application

Alvis and Ruth Calame Scholarship 

The Alvis and Ruth Calame Scholarship is only eligible to graduates of a Freestone county high school.
Alvis and Ruth Calame Online Application

Brilliance Dual Credit Scholarship 

Brilliance Dual Credit Scholarships are awarded to eligible 9th-12 grade Ellis County students who are enrolled in a public, private, or home school program and plan to take Dual Credit courses at Navarro College during Fall and Spring semesters.
Brilliance Dual Credit Online Application

Brilliance General Academic Scholarship 

Brilliance General Academic Scholarships are awarded to outstanding Ellis County students who will be attending Navarro College Ellis County campuses (Midlothian or Waxahachie) following graduation.
Brilliance General Online Application

Brilliance Graduate Scholarship 

The Brilliance Graduate Scholarship is awarded to an outstanding Navarro College Ellis County graduate who provides evidence of definite plans for continuing his/her study at a four-year college or university.
Brilliance Graduate Online Application

Excellence Dual Credit Scholarship 

The Excellence Dual Credit Scholarships are awarded to Limestone, Freestone, and Leon county residents currently in high school who plan to take courses at Navarro College during Fall and Spring semesters.

Excellence Dual Credit Online Application

Pearce Museum Fine Arts Scholarship 

The Pearce Muesum Fine Arts Scholarship are awarded to full-time Navarro College students with a declared art major.

Pearce Museum Fine Arts Online Application

Petroleum Technology Program Scholarship

The Petroleum Technology Program Scholarships are awarded to students enrolled in Petroleum Technology.

Petroleum Technology Online Application