Navarro College Honors


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The Navarro College Honors program is committed to helping students maximize their educational opportunities at NC while discovering and pursuing their passions in life and using their gifts and talents to make meaningful contributions to society.

The NC Honors Program comprises the top Navarro College undergraduate students and offers an engaging environment in which students are inspired to experience more and learn more. Students are challenged through honors seminars, social and cultural events, and experiential learning projects that focus on:


  • Creativity
  • Global studies
  • Lifelong learning



  • Research
  • Community engagement
  • Leadership


Mission Statement

[space px=”-20″]To cultivate a diverse community of learners dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and intellectual development who actively seek academic excellence through a more rigorous curriculum of study.

How to be a part of Navarro College Honors:

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  • Students who are TSI complete and have a 2.5 GPA minimum may enroll in a HNR section of a course.
  • Meet with a Navarro College Honors faculty advisor to enroll
  • A $50 course fee applies for each Honors Section to fund Honors Program functions, fees for memberships in Honor Councils, etc.
  • Receive an Honors Supplemental Syllabus
  • Sign the Honors Course Contract for each HNR Section enrolled
  • Successfully complete Honors sections with a grade of A or B in order to receive honors credit
  • A grade of C or D may be earned for credit in the course, but will not be recorded as HNR credit on the student’s transcript

Student Incentives:

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  • Honors advisor to assist in registration, clarify academic goals and pursue scholarship opportunities.​
  • Smaller classes with other dedicated learners​
  • Special lectures/Guest lecturers​
  • Honors tutoring ​
  • Opportunities to attend and participate in social and cultural events.  ​
  • Honors transfer assistance for a seamless transition to further their education via articulation agreements for priority admissions with transfer partners.

How to be a Navarro College Honors Graduate:

[space px=”-20″]To apply for Graduation from Navarro College Honors, you need to submit an application for Navarro College Honors graduation.

Note: In order to graduate from the Navarro College Honors Program, a student must maintain a 3.25 GPA and complete 12 credit hours of Honors courses.​


For more information about the Navarro College Honors program, please contact Terry Peterman at 903.875.7316 or email: terry.peterman@navarrocollege.edu.