Adjunct OTA Instructor


The Adjunct Instructor for the OTA Program is responsible for providing educational lectures and training opportunities for OTA students in compliance with ACOTE accreditation standards and Navarro College policies and procedures.  The OTA Instructor is responsible to the OTA Program Director.


Performance Area:  Curriculum and Instruction

  • Adhere to the policies and procedures of Navarro College, the Health Division policies and the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program policies.
  • Assist in the design of educational programs in OTA to meet the standards of Navarro College and the Academic Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE)
  • Teach assigned courses as agreed upon with program director.
  • Design standardized syllabi and course outline which communicates with the student(s) the objectives and responsibilities associated with the course.
  • Provide classroom and lab instruction to ensure the course learning and student learning outcomes are achieved at a level consistent with OTA standards and in the most efficient style to promote student success.
  • Comply with class schedules as to dates of classes, time in class and final exam schedule.  Start class in a timely manner.  Arrive early to class to be prepared for students.
  • Maintain office hours for student conferences and other duties.  Make self available to students.
  • Maintain classrooms and labs according to Navarro College policies and procedures and in the manner conducive to student learning and safety.
  • Maintain accurate and complete course records in accordance with Navarro College, the Health Division and OTA Program policies and procedures.
  • Participate in all faculty meetings, if assigned, and contribute on assigned committee responsibilities and curriculum review, as assigned by OTA Department Chair.

Performance Area:  Admissions

  • Assist in recruitment of students for OTA program and courses.
  • Participate in the annual College Career Expo.
  • Participate in the admission process for all students as assigned by the program director.


  • Licensed in State of Texas as COTA or OTR
  • Bachelor’s degree or terminal degree required for OT certification and licensure.
  • Membership in OT Professional organizations.
  • Work experience as Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant or as an Occupational Therapist.
  • Documentation of expertise in the assigned area of teaching responsibility and content delivery method.
  • Teaching experience preferred in the field of Occupational Therapy..


  • An understanding of a commitment to the community college philosophy.
  • Commitment to quality education and to professional development.
  • A student-centered philosophy.
  • Willingness to work within the philosophical framework of Navarro College and the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program.
  • Superior ability to communicate orally and in writing.
  • Proficient technology skills to enhance student learning.
  • Proficient in word processing with good keyboarding skills and basic computer literacy.
  • Ability to comprehend and interpret college regulations and policies and apply to specific situations in accordance with established procedures.
  • Ability to work well with administrators, support staff, faculty, staff, and students.
  • Ability to work with diverse community groups.
  • Ability to work independently with a minimum of supervision.
  • Ability to plan and organize work and to function as a team player.
  • Ability to work under pressure and within tight time frames.


  • Variances from regular working hours may be necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of the position.
  • Busy working environment with numerous interruptions.

REPORTS TO:  Dean of Health Professions / OTA Program Director

DEPARTMENT:  Health Professions

SALARY: Commensurate with education and experience.

APPLICATION DEADLINE DATE: Position open until filled