Forms, Policies & Guides

In this section, you will find forms, human resources policies, and collection of guides and checklists for Managers and Human Resources Administrators, new hires, and job seekers.


Some of the most commonly accessed forms are included below:

Benefits Election

ERS-Benefits (PDF)

Employment Application

EmpApp-thumb  (PDF)

Employee Educational Benefits

Educational Benefits Policy
Process to Apply for Employee Educational Benefits
Application for Educational Benefits Form for Full-time Employees
Application for Educational Benefits Form for Family Members of Full-time Employees


A policy is a guideline to follow which gives consistency to decisions, while still allowing situation-appropriate decisions to be made.

Administrative Policies and Procedures

(download zip file)

SECTION I -Statement of Purpose, Values, Beliefs
SECTION II -Governing Body
SECTION III – Organization
SECTION IV – Educational Program
SECTION V – Intercollegiate Athletics
SECTION VI – Faculty
SECTION VII – Evaluations
SECTION VIII – Personnel
SECTION IX – General Information
SECTION X – Students


Guides are available in the following categories:

New Employee Guide to Benefits

NEG_img2014   (PDF)

New Employee Guide Supplement

NEG_Supp_img   (PDF)