Who to call

As a student at NC, you have access to a great number of student services to help you enjoy your college experience. The departments and services below are available to help guide you during your time at NC. This contact numbers can also be found on our website under the Directory.


Navarro College Switchboard
Corsicana Campus903.874.6501
Mexia Campus254.562.3848
Midlothian Campus972.775.7200
Waxahachie Campus972.937.7612
Academic Advising903.875.7374
Adult Education/GED and ESL903.875.7464
Continuing Education & Protective Services972.923.6441
Department of Public Safety903.875.7500
International Student Services903.875.7370
Navarro College Bookstore
Corsicana Campus903.875.7387
Midlothian Campus972.775.7241
Waxahachie Campus972.923.6402
Navarro College Testing Center
Coriscana Campus903.875.7457
Mexia Campus254.562.3848
Midlothian Campus972.775.7208
Waxahachie Campus972.923.6429
Office of Admissions and Records903.875.7349
Office of Financial Aid903.875.7364
Office of Student Recruiting903.875.7343
Personal Counseling903.875.7414
Residence Life Office903.875.7541
Services for Students with Disabilities903.875.7377
Technical Assistance with BlackBoard903.875.7422
Tutoring and Academic Advising
Corsicana Campus903.875.7373
Mexia Campus254.562.3848
Midlothian Campus972.775.7242
Waxahachie Campus972.923.6427


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