Student Achievement and Success Goals

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Student Success Goals and Achievement

Navarro College provides educational opportunities that empower students to achieve their personal, academic, and career goals and that promote life-long learning for all communities served.

Student Achievement
To evaluate its effectiveness in supporting student success and achievement, the College tracks the following key performance indicators (KPIs) as part of its strategic goals assessment process: persistence, retention, successful course completion, graduation, transfer, job placement, and state licensure. For the purpose of evaluation, benchmarks were identified for each KPI to provide a basis for assessing individual goal achievement. In some cases, as noted in the chart below, the benchmark is based upon the average of Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board peer group outcomes data (THECB); while in other cases, the benchmark is based upon a rolling two-to-three-year average of the College’s internal data, as appropriate.

Student-Goals-green-bar Green indicates the College is within less than 1% or above of reaching or exceeding the Benchmark.
Student-Goals-yellow-bar Yellow indicates the College is within 1% – 5% below reaching the Benchmark.
Student-Goals-red-bar Red indicates the College is over 5% below reaching the Benchmark.

Advanced Paramedic (AAS60 credit hours
Paramedic Certificate35 credit hours

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