Featured Fiction 10/14

Grave Mercy is a YA fantasy set in an alternative medieval Brittany where the gods have lived on as saints and have been known to father children. Ismae is one of those children, sired by Death himself. After enduring an abusive childhood, she is spirited away to the convent of St. Mortain, where his children are trained in the deadly arts and become assassins to serve Brittany. After what she has gone through, Ismae is more than happy to be warm and fed and appreciated. But once she is sent out to prove herself for the order, she discovers that the world outside the convent is fraught with even more dangers than she remembered. As she finds herself in increasing peril, doubts begin to creep in about whether the convent is really doing Mortain’s will. There is treason afoot in Brittany, and someone has to save the kingdom. Why not Ismae?

A fun medieval adventure. Those who know nothing about the period may enjoy it more than those like me who know what happens in real life and may wonder if/how the annexation will play out in LaFevers’s world. The whole child of a god thing is done fairly well, and the love interest is also done nicely. Book Two, Dark Triumph, is already out, and the final book of the trilogy is due early next year.

Highly recommended for fans of historical fantasy, whether young adult or just young at heart.