Featured Fiction, 11/4


Across the Universe begins the story of Amy, a girl who is frozen along with her parents for the long trip to a new planet. However, she is accidentally woken early and finds herself stuck on the ship Godspeed with no prospect of seeing her parents alive again. Life on the ship is nothing like she could have ever imagined. It’s a dictatorship where everyone serves Eldest, and biology is regulated so that children are all conceived and born at the same time.

Her only real friends are Harvey and Elder, the one who is set to be the next Eldest. However, she soon finds her life confined to the hospital ward, because her looks set her apart from everyone else on the ship. And someone is unplugging other frozen passengers on the ship, and leaving them to die. Will the killer be stopped in time, or will Amy’s parents be next? Just what is going on on this ship? Amy and Elder are about to find out.

Paula Perkins