Information resources (books, magazine or journal articles, etc.) that are not available in the Navarro College Library’s collections may be requested through the library’s interlibrary loan service. Students, faculty, and staff who wish to request materials from another library should fill out and submit the online interlibrary request form below.


Users of this service should be aware of the following:


– If a requested item is available from another library, it may take two to four weeks to fill the request. Please plan accordingly.


– It may not be possible for us to obtain certain items.


– In some cases, lending institutions may assess fees for photocopies (borrowers should specify on the request form how much they are willing to spend).


– The borrower is responsible for paying any fees the lending library may choose to assess for lost or damaged items (this may be significantly greater than the mere cost of replacing the item).


– A basic fee of one dollar per day will be assessed for overdue items. If fees assessed by the lending institution exceed the basic fee, the borrower will be responsible for paying the additional charges.



By submitting the request below, you agree to accept the conditions specified above.


Please include as much information as possible.

Please note that in order to fill your request, you must provide accurate and complete information.

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