Featured Non-Fiction, 11/4

The Eagle is the memoir/autobiography of Gen. Antonio López de Santa Anna, sometime President and Dictator of Mexico. Originally written in his final exile in Nassau, the Bahamas, in the 1870s, the 1966 English edition was its first real time in print. If you’ve ever wanted to enter into Read more

Featured Non-Fiction, 10/28

You Will See Fire is the story of John Kaiser, an American missionary, who tried to get Kenyan dictator Daniel arap Moi tried at the Hague, but wound up dead in the bush instead. While telling Kaiser’s story and the story of the investigations of his death, Goffard tells Read more

Featured Non-Fiction 10/21

An Armenian Sketchbook is Vassily Grossman’s loose account of his time spent in Soviet Armenia in 1961, while working on translating (fixing up a literal translation) of a long Armenian novel about a copper works (it can’t get any more Soviet than that!). The author had run into major Read more