The Office of Marketing and Public Information

The Office of Marketing and Public Information has created several useful materials that you may download  in order to assist you in the creation of publications, websites, and other materials.


  1. The Navarro College logo is available in four forms.
  2. Delete all previous or provisional versions of the Navarro College logo and replace with the logos on this page.
  3. Do not alter or distort the logo by sizing it from the top or sides.  When resizing, hold down the shift key and pull from the corner.  Never alter the colors or try to create your own version of the logo.
  4. Please contact the Marketing and Public Information office if you have any questions on proper usage of the logo.


(click on the image for zipped files)



WHITE  (gray is transparent)

 Beau black  Beau red  Beau white copy
 N only black  N only red  N only white copy
 NC logo black  NC logo red  NC logo white copy
 N Badge



(click on the image for potx files)


FAQ >> How to download zipped files:

  1. Decide which file you need
  2. Simply right-click (on a picture or file) and select “Save Target As.”
  3. On a Mac, control click and select “Save Link As.”
  4. Navigate to the folder where you save downloads
  5. Unzip files

FAQ >> File Extensions

PNG (Portable Network Graphic) – use this format for web
EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) – use this format for print materials
JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) – use this format for web and print materials
PDF (Portable Document Format) – use this format for web and print materials
POTX (PowerPoint Open XML Presentation Template) – use this format for presentations