Life After the Police Academy – Local Doctor Serves as SWAT Medic

Life After the Police Academy – Local Doctor Serves as SWAT Medic

Dr. Branch to serve as CPD SWAT medic

Corsicana Daily Sun
by Patrick Sparks
August 29, 2017

Some with a stuffy nose, earaches or throat issues may know Dr. Matthew Branch well, a doctor of Corsicana for 12 years. But in times of local crisis requiring the use of SWAT, they may find it difficult to schedule an appointment with the good doctor; he’ll be busy out in town during these times, acting as a tactical medic.

Branch graduated from the Navarro College Police Academy Aug. 16 and was sworn in as a Reserve Police Officer for the Corsicana Police Department. He will serve as the CPD’s SWAT medic when called upon.

“When the police swore in their new Chief of Police, he was looking to rebuild the tactical unit and was looking for a medic on-hand to help injured officers, civilians or suspects,” Branch said. “When they were trying to find someone who also had tactical experience and was already certified to give medical aid, they thought of me. So they gave me a call and I said I could do it.”

Branch is a recreational shooter and hunter, attending numerous civilian tactical shooting courses in his spare time. He even acquired training at Blackwater (now known as Academi), a private military company in North Carolina that offers training for many military and law enforcement services. When asked to join the CPD, Branch joined the Navarro College Police Academy back in January for more training.

“Ever since I decided to to start working with the CPD, I’ve been going out with them on their SWAT training every other Tuesday, learning a lot of shooting and their tactics,” Branch said. He’ll soon be heading to Nacogdoches to the CPD SWAT training center to earn his certification for SWAT.

Concerning his current profession as an ear, nose and throat doctor, Branch will still be providing those services; he’ll be on-call as SWAT’s medic, allowing him to keep his office in Waxahachie open for business. Branch will also still see patients and perform surgeries in Corsicana. His motivations for serving as both doctor and policeman are thanks to his strong personal beliefs in helping others.

“Last year when there were shootings in Dallas, it took a lot of us by surprise because a lot of us knew Brent Thompson; the officer from Corsicana who was killed during that incident,” Branch said. “These days police are considered targets; whenever you put that uniform on – even though some might not know you or what you do – some folks will think of you as the enemy and that is very unfortunate.

“I still think that there is by and large, across all groups, that there is support of law enforcement … In the end, law enforcement in our community is interested in protecting the public interest.”

Now Branch wears that same uniform and encourages all civilians, like he himself was once before, to support local police and thank them for all they do we sometimes take for granted.