College Celebrates 70th Anniversary with Alumni Association and Aaron Myers

Corsicana Daily Sun
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October 18, 2016


Over the past 70 years tens of thousands of students have passed through the Halls of Navarro College and moved on to continue study at a four-year college or university and/or to launch successful careers.

These students, and the faculty and staff who worked with them, were celebrated with homecoming activities on the Corsicana campus two weeks ago.

A highlight of the week-long celebration was the Oct. 7 Alumni Association Dinner hosted by the Navarro College Foundation. Dr. Harold Housley, Executive Director of the Foundation and VP of Institutional Advancement and Operations, noted “the College had a very active Alumni Association in the late 70’s and early 80’s, but interest in the Alumni Association dwindled and, sadly, the Association was not adequately maintained.”

One goal of the 70th Anniversary Celebration was to reactivate this vital organization to provide opportunity for former students to re-connect with each other and re-engage with the College.

“From the comments we received this past weekend from our alumni,” Housley said. “We know the revitalized Alumni Association will provide an avenue for them to both maintain their association with friends, faculty, and staff and to give back to Navarro College.”

Entertainment for the Alumni Association dinner was headlined by Aaron Myers, II of Washington, D.C. Myers, a former student from Kerens, attended Navarro College, majoring in Theatre and Business. In 2005 he relocated to Los Angeles, CA, where he performed at many of the Hollywood Comedy Clubs and composed and recorded a soundtrack for the film, “A Song and a Prayer.” He continued sharing his musical talents after moving to Washington, D.C. in 2008. In 2013, Myers released the video “What’s a Man to Do” from the debut Jazz/Neo Soul Album “Leo Rising” to critical acclaim.

Navarro College further honored Myers by presenting him with the 2016 Navarro College Distinguished Alumnus Award.

Myers performed a second time on Saturday at the Annual Alumni luncheon honoring the Barracks Bunch. Following that performance, he immediately left to travel to Nashville, to attend the International Music and Entertainment Association (IMEA) awards ceremony. At that event Myers was named the “Jazz Artist of the Year” by the IMEA awards. In a recent posting to jazz fans and followers on ReverbNation, Aaron acknowledged the voting committee of IMEA for the award and added,

“I was also blown away by the love I received from the students, faculty, and alumni of Navarro College.”

The Saturday luncheon provided the opportunity to recognize the first students at Navarro College, fondly called “The Barracks Bunch.” Dr. Tommy Stringer paid tribute to this group of former students and praised them for setting such high standards for future students to follow.

Membership in Alumni Association is available for all former students, faculty, and friends. To join, please visit the Navarro College website:

SOURCE: Corsicana Daily Sun