Design Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out From The Pack

Whether you’re looking for a job or an internship, your resume is often your first impression to a hiring manager, who sort through dozens (sometimes hundreds) of resumes a day. As a student, there are some simple design steps you can take to make your resume stand out from the pack.

1. Experiment with graphics

What does a picture of a fish and the word “fish” have in common? They both describe a fish, but don’t you agree that the picture is more appealing? Use a similar concept with your resume! Try using graphics, symbols, or visuals when listing credentials or skills. Are you familiar with the Microsoft Office Suite or Adobe InDesign? Try adding icons or logos to represent each program with which you have experience. Some pretty pictures (incorporated tastefully) can go a long way.











2. Color

Be careful when it comes to using color in your resume. Avoid loud or obnoxious colors (like neon), whereas a soft color palette with some accent colors can make your resume pop without being too flashy. You can go as subtle as adding colored section heads to a unique design or outline on the full page. Colors can help your resume stand out from the slew of black and white sheets of paper.










3. Type

Times New Roman is old news. Shop around on different font sites or graphic design softwares and find something professional that reflects your personality or industry. Make sure your fonts are still easy to read. You can change all of the fonts or just give some life to your section headers. Experiment with different sizes to guide the reader’s eye to the key parts of your page. Have fun with it. No Comic Sans!










4. Layout

Experiment with different layouts for organizing the information on your resume. Try a grid style or even divide the page into columns. Make sure your layout is easy for the reader to scan and navigate through your resume content. Group similar things together and make sure your sections don’t get too crowded. Remember, easy on the eyes!











5. Delivery

Okay, by now your resume looks awesome. How will it look when you hand it off or submit it online? Try printing your resume on different types of paper or finishes like glossy or matte. Maybe even package it with with additional resources like a business card or in a folder or sleeve.This is a definite way to make your resume stand out in a pile of papers. Don’t forget you also have a PDF option as well for submitting your resume online.


Always remember, the goal of your resume is readability, so don’t get carried away with over-the-top design elements. Incorporate a few of these tips tastefully, and you should be well-positioned among the stack.

SOURCE: Midlothian Degrees