First Brent Thompson Memorial Scholarship awarded to NC Police Academy Student

Fox4 News
Staff Reports
December 21, 2016


The family of an officer killed in the Dallas Police ambush is helping an incoming college student start a new life of his own.

Ian Concepcion was awarded with the Officer Brent Thompson Memorial Scholarship on Wednesday at Navarro College. DART Officer Thompson was murdered during the July 7 ambush in downtown Dallas.

Thompson’s family set up the scholarship to honor his memory.

Concepcion wants to be a police officer and says he’s honored to have received the scholarship. Concepcion’s father and father in-law were both police officers and he wants to follow in their footsteps.

“I’ve gone through a lot of struggles but I want to be stable and have a career that is worth it. Instead of just going to work every morning I want to have something that I get up in the morning and like to do,” Concepcion said.

The scholarship will pay for tuition, books and fees for the Navarro College Police Academy.

SOURCE: Fox4News