Navarro College and Sam Houston State University Renew Transfer Agreement

Navarro College and Sam Houston State University Renew Transfer Agreement

AUGUST 17, 2017, Corsicana, TX – Navarro College and Sam Houston State University are excited to announce a renewal of their transfer partnership agreement, which provides a pipeline to bachelor’s studies.  The partnership provides a framework to develop programs designed to enhance the educational experience of students attending both schools in regards to:

  • Web Based Articulation Agreements
  • Reverse Transfer
  • Joint Admission

Navarro College and Sam Houston State University anticipate completing over 30 online articulation agreements providing in excess of 40 baccalaureate degrees at Sam Houston State University.  The articulation agreements will be designed to maximize the amount of course work completed for the associate degree at Navarro College that can be applied to the baccalaureate degree at Sam Houston State University.  These agreements will be accessible on both institutions websites.

“Reverse Transfer” will allow students to transfer course work from Sam Houston State University to Navarro College to complete some requirements for the associate degree.  This program is specifically designed to allow students to receive the advantages pursuant to completion of the associate degree when they leave Navarro College prior to degree completion.  In the professional job market, there is a clear distinction between having attended Navarro College and having graduated from Navarro College.

“Joint Admission” provides students a mechanism to maximize utilization of facilities and programs offered jointly by Navarro College and Sam Houston State University, while making the transition from the associate to the baccalaureate degree.  After acceptance under the joint admission, the applicants must continually meet all admission requirements for both institutions to retain their eligibility to participate in the program.  Students accepted under joint admission may simply transfer, alternate enrollment between institutions, or co-enroll at their discretion.

“This is an important agreement that focuses on student success and will help our Navarro College graduates transfer seamlessly to Sam Houston State University,” said Dr. Carol Hanes, Navarro College Vice President of Academic Affairs. Navarro College has similar agreements with a variety of Texas institutions.


Navarro College is in its 71st year and its mission is to provide educational opportunities that empower students to achieve their personal, academic, and career goals and promote life-long learning for all communities served.  The vision for the college is to be a nationally recognized higher education institution committed to providing innovative pathways and student-centered learning opportunities that result in students capable of succeeding in a local and global community.

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