Navarro College Band Students Selected for Prestigious Ensemble

Navarro College Band Students Selected for Prestigious Ensemble

March 3, 2017 Corsicana, TX – Navarro College is delighted to announce that the band has three students and one alternate that have been selected to perform in the bi-annual College Band Directors National Association Intercollegiate Band.  This is a great accomplishment for each individual, as well as Navarro College band.  Selected students are Izaac Baggerly (Alto Sax), Shelby Lee Ann Waldrum (Bass Clarinet), Breanne Russell (Oboe), and alternate Alex Ipina (Baritone Sax).

The students will be performing at the CBDNA (College Band Director’s National Association) National Conference in the Intercollegiate Band under conductor Gary Green.  Mr. Green is the Emeritus Professor of Music and Director of Bands at the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami.  Concert takes place March 18, 2017 at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Kansas City, KS.

This is the first time that Navarro College has had students selected to attend this prestigious event.  “This is a great honor as these students will be representing Navarro College next to 56 other universities and colleges from around the United States,” said Joshua Buckrucker, Navarro College Director of Bands.  Mr. Buckrucker also pointed out that having four students going from one school is a great achievement, as other represented schools only have one student selected.

Shelby Waldrum said, “To be a part of something so big is a great honor.” Brianne Russell and Izaac Baggerly both expressed here gratefulness to play with such talented people. “I am honored.  This is so cool to be put up against musicians around the county and to then be chosen,” said alternate Alex Ipina.

The students have also been selected as recipients of the Student Enrichment Award established by Oliver and Helen Albritton through the Navarro College Foundation.  This award will pay for the costs associated with travelling to and from to this event as well as additional expenses.

The purpose of the award is to provide carefully selected Navarro College students with the opportunity to broaden their personal and professional horizons through a learning experience that extends beyond the local classroom and campus.  The award is intended to be a vehicle which will help them stretch their personal and/or academic horizons, broaden their list of positive experiences and challenge them to reach for higher goals and contribute more to their society.

“The funding of these students’ trip to the CBDNA National Conference is an exact application of the Student Enrichment Award that Mr. Albritton envisioned when the award was established,” said Dr. Harold Housley, Executive Director of the Navarro College Foundation.


Navarro College is in its 70th year and its mission is to provide educational opportunities that empower students to achieve their personal, academic, and career goals and promote life-long learning for all communities served.  The vision for the college is to be a nationally recognized higher education institution committed to providing innovative pathways and student-centered learning opportunities that result in students capable of succeeding in a local and global community.

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