Navarro College launches English Language Institute

Corsicana Daily Sun
March 8, 2016
Staff Reports


This year, under the leadership of Dr. Barbara Kavalier, Navarro College launched a new program focused on serving the needs of the Hispanic community in Navarro County and providing opportunities for expanding access to higher education for international students throughout the world. Jan. 25, 2016, the college launched a new intensive English Language program, with the goal of establishing of an accredited English Language Institute by the 2016-17 academic year. The ELI will provide intensive, non-credit instruction to non-native English language speakers with the intent to teach students English proficiency in reading, writing and speaking.

Through a successful partnership between Dr. Kavalier, Dr. Gloria Garcia, community leader in Corsicana, and the Adult Education International Programs department, the college was able to reach out to the local Hispanic community and garner support for the program.

“As a leader in the Hispanic community, I stress the importance in acquiring an accredited education in an English language program as it will open doors to join the Anglo American’s community,” said Dr. Garcia. “I believe that speaking and being able to communicate in English will allow an individual to grow financially and will create better families. I would like to thank Dr. Kavalier, and Navarro College for the great opportunity to start the English Language Institute (ELI). This opportunity will be stepping stone to the path to success for many Hispanics in our community.”

To date the pilot program has been a tremendous success. More than 40 local citizens indicated an interest in enrolling in courses this spring, and 29 students are currently enrolled in the first class. Additional classes will begin March 21 and June 6. An information session was held at the Corsicana Public Library on Tuesday, March 1, where 25 individuals attended to receive more information. Of the attendees, 16 signed up for the next class and nine filled out interest cards. Prospective students expressed their enthusiasm for the program and commended the college for getting the word into the community through grassroots efforts.

In addition to serving the college’s local community, the ELI will serve the educational needs of international students by helping them master the foundation of English needed to succeed in college-level courses. The program will not only help students gain proficiency with the English language, it will help students acclimate to the American culture.

According to Dr. Kavalier, the English Language Institute provides a wonderful opportunity to strengthen our relationship with the Hispanic community and to provide access to higher education throughout Navarro County and beyond.

For more information about the English Language Institute, please contact the Navarro College Adult Education Department at 903.875.7464

SOURCE: Corsicana Daily Sun