Navigating Financial Aid at Navarro College Midlothian Campus

Posted on July 19, 2016
By Midlothian Higher Education Center


Navigating Financial Aid at Midlothian Higher Education Center

Oftentimes, the first step to determining whether or not going back to school is possible, is answering the question: Is it affordable? Despite finding the flexibility at work, time during the day or night classes, or finding the right degree path, finding an affordable option may be the most important factor.

We’re here to make the process of navigating the paperwork, regulations, and funding options at manageable. At Midlothian Higher Education Center, our partners at Navarro College has a variety of grants, loans, and scholarships available to students.


According to Mr. Caleb Willis, Navarro College, financial aid counselor:

What are the most common questions students ask about Financial Aid?

How do I apply for financial aid? Simply visit and apply for the desired financial aid, such as work-study programs, student loans, or the Federal Pell Grant.

What do I need to apply? Be prepared to include personal information including social security, tax return or income information, and records of any non-taxable income received, such as child support. For younger students, parental information may be required as well.

How much will I qualify for? Eligibility is determined through a special formula based on the information provided while filling out FAFSA. You’ll receive an estimated amount immediately after completing the application.

What are the minimum standards required to maintain eligibility for financial aid? While minimum standards vary between schools, Navarro College requires a minimum of a 2.0 GPA overall and 75% completion rate of completed or attempted courses.

What is the deadline for Fall? The priority deadline at Navarro College is June 1st. Students submitting the application after those dates may risk not having their financial aid processed in time to pay for tuition, and as a result, may miss out on financial aid that has limited funding.

What are the most common issues students run into in regards to Financial Aid?

Waiting too late to apply or submit documents. Many students will wait until the last minute to apply for or accept financial aid. The process isn’t instantaneously, especially around registration dates when many students are all expecting quick turn arounds last minute. If you are considering attending college, start the financial aid process now. Even if you don’t attend, it will be available if your mind changes.

Inaccurate information on the FAFSA application. Never estimate! If you estimate numbers, your financial aid eligibility will be incorrect. You also run the risk of being required to verify, where paperwork must be submitted to the financial aid office. You wouldn’t estimate numbers on your taxes, so don’t do it on your FAFSA either.

Missing important information sent through email or WebAdvisor. Not regularly checking student email, WebAdvisor accounts, or using information posted on the Navarro financial aid web site can set back a student’s financial aid process. A student’s WebAdvisor account includes valuable information and financial aid status. Look for common dates and FAQs on the website to avoid having to wait in line for simple issues.

What are the most common financial aid options student apply for?

FAFSA. The FAFSA application works as a one-stop shop for all federal aid. By filling out the application, students are applying for all federal aid they are eligible for (e.g., the Federal Pell Grant, student loans, or work-study programs).

Scholarships. Navarro College offers scholarships for a variety of scholarships for students—applications can be found and completed on the Navarro College website.

Veterans Benefits. In many cases, military veterans are eligible for additional benefits because of their service. Contact information for our Veterans rep, as well as information about the multiple benefits can be found on our Veterans Page.

What’s one of the best underrated opportunities for financial aid?

Aside from school-specific scholarships, the Texas Educational Opportunity Grant (TEOG) is available to freshman students who qualify for Federal Pell Grant. In addition, work-study programs are also a great opportunity for students needing a part-time job to help cover additional expenses.

What’s the most valuable aspect of Navarro’s Financial Aid?

Students interested or attending Navarro College have easy access to financial aid assistance, thanks to a small student body. Dedicated advisors are available at the Midlothian campus to answer any questions related to financial aid and going back to school.




Navarro College Financial Aid Options

Request for Summer Aid

If you’re interested in using financial aid for summer, make sure to register for classes first, then complete the form below.

>> Apply Here

TEOG State Grant Application

The Texas Education Opportunity Grant provides grant aid to financially needy students enrolled in Texas public two-year colleges. Eligible students must have a 2.5 Cumulative GPA with 75% successful completion of attempted hours. See more requirements under details or directly apply below.

>> Details | Apply Here

In-School Deferment Request

A deferment allows a student to postpone their federal student loan payment or even temporarily reduce the amount due. By postponing or reducing your payments, you may better avoid default. Students are responsible for paying the interest that accrues during the deferment period.

>> Details | Apply Here

Military Deferment Request

Similar to the In-School Deferment, a military deferment postpones or temporarily reduces the amount due for student loan payments, with the exception that the deferment is only eligible to post-active or active duty students in the military. Students are responsible for paying the interest that accrues during the deferment period.

>> Details | Apply Here


First understanding what options are available will give ease to going back to school. Your MHEC resources are always available, so feel free to reach out to the Financial Aid counselors with any concerns or questions—that’s what they’re there for!

Navarro College Financial Aid counselor:

Caleb Willis

SOURCE: Midlothian Degrees