Professor Cathy Scott Receives the 2017 American Accounting Association Prize

Professor Cathy Scott Receives the 2017 American Accounting Association Prize

Navarro is thrilled to announce that Accounting professor Dr. Cathy J. Scott received the 2017 American Accounting Association/J. Michael and Mary Anne Cook/Deloitte Foundation Prize for two-year colleges Wednesday, Aug. 23. Scott received her award at the annual meeting held in San Diego. The Cook Prize serves to recognize, inspire, and motivate members to achieve the status of a superior teacher.

The award recognizes up to three professors annually, one each in the categories of graduate, undergraduate and two-year accounting degree programs. Award recipients must consistently demonstrate the attributes of a superior teacher in the discipline of accounting. Each prize consists of a $25,000 cash award, a silver medallion, and a certificate.

“My teaching philosophy involves providing students with a stimulating course that challenges and supports their long-term career and educational goals,” Scott said. “Community college students come from various backgrounds, diverse age groups, vast experience levels and varying educational objectives. Therefore, I believe it is important to relate accounting concepts through real-world, practical applications that engage this diverse population.”

Scott is a Professor of Accounting and Department Chair at Navarro College. She transitioned into academia after a 25-year career in the automotive industry. Scott has a passion for improving accounting education and has published and spoken on effectively using technology in the classroom, improving online education, and engaging students with active learning. She is also the author of a College Accounting textbook, with a career approach focus, and the co-founder of the, a website and blog that links technology to pedagogy as well as provides tips to successfully incorporate technology into courses.


“My ultimate goal is for all students, regardless of major, to understand and respect the impact accounting has in their day-to-day lives and future careers,” Scott said.

Scott currently serves as the American Accounting Association Two-year vice president and council member. She is also the AAA Southwest Region TLC Co-Coordinator and a board member for Teachers of Accounting at Two-Year Colleges. Additionally, Scott is a proud recipient of the Texas Business and Technology Educators Association Postsecondary Business Teacher of the Year, the Texas Society of CPA’s Outstanding Accounting Educator Award, the American Accounting Association’s Two-Year College Educator of the Year Award, and Navarro College’s Teaching of Excellence Award.

Navarro College has been extremely fortunate to have Cathy Scott as Professor of Accounting for over 11 years,” said Dr. Carol Hanes, vice president of academic affairs. “She is an excellent instructor who has a passion for teaching students.”


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SOURCE: Corsicana Daily Sun