eLearning FAQs

Here are the most common questions students ask about the eLearning Campus.

What does Navarro College offer online?

At Navarro College, over 50-80% of all coursework related to most degree and certificate programs at Navarro College can be attained online. Programs such as Business Management, Criminal Justice, Accounting, and General Studies are fully available online. Depending on what you’re interested in, there’s a really good chance you can get it online. For a complete listing of degrees and certificate programs, visit http://www.navarrocollege.edu/online/course-offerings/.

How much do online courses cost?

In general, students taking online courses at Navarro College will pay the the same tuition as a face-to-face class PLUS an additional $37 Internet Course Fee. As of Fall 2016, tuition and fees for a typical online course (3 semester credit hours) are:

  • Navarro County Resident: $301*
  • Texas Resident (outside Navarro County): $448*
  • Non-Texas Resident: $601*

*This doesn’t include books or other materials.

Note: these rates are approximate and subject to change. Please visit http://www.navarrocollege.edu/financialaid/cost/ for the most up-to-date information on Navarro College’s tuition and fee rates.

Is Financial Aid available for online courses?

Yes! Financial aid is available in many forms, such as scholarships, loans, grants, etc. Let Navarro College’s Financial Aid Department help you navigate through the process of getting you the assistance you need to pay for your courses. Visit http://www.navarrocollege.edu/financialaid/ for details.

How do I Apply and Register for online courses?

Admission requirements for our online program are the same as for general admission; however, you must be a Texas resident (i.e., have a Texas address) in order to qualify. We are not allowed to register students from outside the state of Texas at this time. For application and other admission requirements for new or transferring students. You’ll find this information on the Navarro College website at: http://www.navarrocollege.edu/apply/.

Once your application has been processed and you are cleared to register, you can continue to the Registration process by visiting: http://www.navarrocollege.edu/apply/registration-details/

Do students enrolled in online or distance programs have access to student services available at the campus?

Absolutely! Navarro College offers a wide range of student services available to ALL students, such as library, testing, tutorial, counseling/advising, service desk, admissions & records, bookstore, and much more. Visit http://www.navarrocollege.edu/support-services/ for more information.

How do I access my courses?

Navarro College uses Blackboard Learn as the primary platform for online courses. Blackboard is a system which allows Navarro College professors to make class materials (such as course syllabi, chapter notes, assignments, even tests) available to students online. Once the semester begins, student can log into their Blackboard account and find all their course materials in just a few short clicks.

Blackboard is accessible by visiting http://blackboard.navarrocollege.edu.

To log into your Blackboard account:
USERNAME: firstname.lastname (lower case)
PASSWORD: Your six-digit date of birth MMDDYY (Ex: February 14, 1997 = 021497)

Please note your classes will not appear until the first official day of class.

How do I access my Navarro College Webmail account?

All students are assigned a free Navarro College e-mail (Webmail) account for college-related activities. Your e-mail address will be:


Webmail is accessible by visiting http://mail.nc.navarrocollege.edu.

To log into Webmail:
USERNAME: firstname.lastname@nc.navarrocollege.edu
PASSWORD: Birth Year + the Last 4 Digits of Your Social Security Number (YYYYSSSS)

If you are taking an online or hybrid course, you will need to check your e-mail regularly so you won’t miss any messages from your professor. Also, remember to ALWAYS log out of your Webmail account after each session.

What do I need to know to be an online student?

Online courses can be more challenging than face-to-face classes in that the student must be more self-disciplined and organized in order to keep up with course requirements. All online courses have due dates and deadlines for various assignments, tests, projects, etc. assigned by the professor. Students should familiarize themselves with the syllabus and avoid putting off classwork until the last minute. Students should also seek help immediately if they are experiencing difficulties (academically or technically). It is not required that students are experts in using a computer; however, online students must have basic knowledge of operating a computer and various applications (such as MicroSoft Office).

If you’re curious as to whether or not online learning is right for you, it is suggested you complete the Online Assessment System for Internet Students (OASIS) by visiting http://www.ilcco.net/oasis.

Can all tests for online courses be taken at home, or will I need to test at a proctored testing location?

Navarro College does have several online classes which allow students to take tests at home — this really depends on the specific course and professor. However, some programs and courses require tests be taken in a proctored environment at an approved testing center location (this could be a local community college, university, learning center, public library, municipal center, military installation, etc.). You will be able to make arrangements with your professor as to where you will be taking your exams. Navarro College also provides testing services for online students at each of its campus locations. Visit http://www.navarrocollege.edu/support-services/testing-center-information/staff/ for contact information and hours of operation.

Who do I contact if I need assistance?

Your instructor can assist you with questions pertaining to your course and what will be expected of you during the semester, and it is always important to let your instructor know immediately if you are having difficulty with your coursework. Be sure and read your syllabus and course information carefully – answers to many of your questions may already be contained in these documents. Make sure you are using your Navarro College Webmail account when contacting your professor.

If you continue to experience difficulty, please contact the Dean of Online Instruction at (903) 875-7422.

If you are having technical issues or cannot access Blackboard, Webmail, or WebAdvisor, please contact the Navarro College One-Stop Service Desk as soon as possible at servicedesk@navarrocollege.edu or call (903) 875-7416.

When contacting your professor or One-Stop Service Desk personnel, please provide your full name, date of birth, a callback number, and a brief description of the problem you are experiencing (including any error messages). If you are leaving a voicemail message, please be brief – speak slowly and clearly – and always leave a number where you can be reached. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Important Note: Specific account access information can ONLY be shared with the student needing assistance.