Dress for Success Week Feb 18-22

  • Larry Reed Photo

Dress for Success Week is a time we dedicate to inspiring each of you to understand why the way you dress is so important.  Dress now for your future profession!   All this week we want to encourage all of our students to dress for class the way you will in your future!


Dress for the job you WANT, not the job you have!



Monday 18 – Resume Workshop 2:30pm Gooch One   Stop   Center (Arrowhead Room)

– Guest Speaker Dr. Larry Reed at the SGA   Meeting in the Cook Center 4:30pm

Tuesday 19 – Test Taking Strategies Workshop 3:30pm   Gooch One   Stop (Arrowhead Room)

– Resume builder “Hands On” in the Atrium of   Gibson Hall 7pm

Wednesday 20 – Hair and Make-up Tips for professional   settings 2pm Gooch One stop (Arrowhead Room)

Thursday – Dress for Success Fashion Show 7pm (SEC)



(Success can be a direct result of the way you dress and behave)

1. Dress Appropriately — Select clothing that is appropriate for the occasion. Know your audience and dress accordingly. Examples: Job (type of work); church; job interview; wedding; sporting event; party; funeral; class room; or awards banquet.
2. Wear a smile; be confident; display a positive attitude.
3. Remember the importance of the first few moments — when meeting with others these first few moments are most important because people will make an immediate judgment. In business, the first five seconds could mean the difference between success and failure. Think about the kind of messages your wardrobe and expressions are sending to others.
4. Know the dress code for the business within which you are working; also, some special events may have a dress code.
5. Make sure you are well groomed and “dress with your nose”. Perhaps you have met someone with a bad smell; every time you see this person, you will remember the smell.
6. Love your clothes and be comfortable — wear clothes that feel good. When you wear clothes in which you feel comfortable, your confidence shines and success will follow. You act more relaxed when you are not worrying about your wardrobe.
7. Wear well-kept shoes that are appropriate for the event and atmosphere.
8. Your clothes should fit your body. Stay up to date with the latest fashion and learn about your specific body type to find out which styles flatter your shape.
9. Jewelry — Use good judgment when wearing jewelry.
10. Determine how you can use color to express yourself; for example; red projects power.
11. Don’t overdress — you may want to dress one step higher than your co-workers, but proceed with caution; overkill can do much more harm than good.

12. Use common sense and good judgment — these two resources are most important. Dressing for success involves displaying confidence not indecision.
13. Enthusiasm can make the difference.

* Charles M. Schwab — “A person can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm.”
* George Matthew Adams—”Enthusiasm is a kind of faith that has been set afire.”
* Emerson — “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”
* Norman Vincent Peale — “You can put new spirit, new creative skill into your job. Indeed, you can do better with everything. Enthusiastic, zest — packed living is yours if you want it. And who doesn’t want it?”
“Utilize enthusiasm in order to move into that exciting and creative segment of the human race, the achievers Enthusiasm is the priceless ingredient of personality that helps to achieve happiness and self-fulfillment”.