SGA – Corsicana wins SWEEPSTAKES!

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The Navarro College Student Government Association (referred to as SGA) recently returned with great success from the Texas Junior College Student Government Association State Convention that was hosted in Houston, Texas. The convention serves not only as a chance for representatives from every junior college in Texas to unite as the voice of community college students throughout the state, but also as a chance for a friendly competition for academic awards. The purpose of these competitions is to allow students the opportunity to reflect on the role of their SGA not only within their school and community, but within their region and within the state of Texas. Each member holds professional hopes with an eye toward preparing future SGA members to continue their work and leave a lasting legacy. Successful entries will demonstrate the importance of the interaction of various student groups of their college towards common goals.


While at State convention this year, Navarro College SGA entered a submission into each available event:


State Video, which shows how the local SGA embraced the 2012-2013 TJCSGA theme—Immortals: Leaving a Lasting Legacy. This award showcases student involvement through script-writing and acting.

The Scrapbook is not only a terrific way to reflect upon a successful year and to attract future SGA members, but is also the most competitive, most submitted within the competition. The scrapbook is a physical story of the SGA’s accomplishments over the past year and serves as a timeline from the previous convention to the time of the upcoming convention.


The State Essay submitted should incorporate a variety of activities that were hosted by the Student Government Association of the school and should incorporate how the school has benefited from the student government’s actions. This competition encompasses the year the SGA has had, and does not examine one particular event but rather the legacy left through actions taken.


The State Song entry must be an original piece of music written by a student at the competing college. It must make use of the given theme and be no longer than 3:45 minutes. The SGA of Navarro College did not do this alone, but is grateful for the hard work and effort put forth by Navarro College student, Zarrod Dove.


The Event of the Year Award allows each school to choose one event to write about, which should both give students at one’s school an event to attend, as well as benefit one’s campus and students in some intellectual and affective way.

The Chapter of the Year refers to the SGA group of the year. The presentation should describe in detail the particular contributions of the nominated chapter, with an emphasis on how that chapter has impacted their individual members, their school, their community, and their state within the past year. It is imperative that this award alone reflects how the SGA portrayed the given theme throughout the year and the affects of their legacy.


Navarro College placed 1st place in Chapter of the Year, Event of the Year, and Best Song. They also placed in the categories of: Scrapbook, Essay, and State Video, which placed them in the running for the most prestigious award given at State Convention – Sweepstakes! With 3 first place awards and entries in every category, Navarro College was successful in gaining the Sweepstakes title. This prominent achievement has only been garnered to Navarro College once before in the history of its SGA—in 2011. Therefore, this was not only exciting for the current SGA members, but was an addition to an elite tradition of excellence and boldness at Navarro College.