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“Connect the Dawgs”

Thank you for your interest in starting an organization here at Navarro College.  Being a leader and/or sponsor on campus will bring you and your members a great pride and joy.  As an organization on campus, your group will have the opportunity and responsibility to positively impact the whole student body by your productivity.  Also, as leaders on campus, you will have the responsibility of representing Navarro College on and off campus.  With great leadership, comes great responsbility!  Being a part of an organization will no doubt be one of the most positive experiences that you will have here at Navarro College.  Thank you again for expressing your interest in starting a new organization, and welcome to the wonderful world of student activities!

This form is available to assist any Navarro College student in starting a new campus organization.  The privileges of using the college name and facilities cannot extend without careful thought.  The areas that will be examined before a club or an organization can be formed are: the objectives and purpose in organizing, the relevance of the group to the college and community scene, and the way in which you have gone abut the steps leading to recognition as an official student organization within Navarro College.

The Student Government Association and the Director of Student Activities ask that these stpes are followed in order to become a recognized organization.  If you need assistance, we (The Student Government Association) will be more than happy to help you along the way.

  1. Talk to other students to see if there is a reasonable amount of interest for teh proposed group.  If it is a course-related club, be sure to contact students taking that particular course.
  2. Contact a full-time Navarro College faculty, staff or administrator who may have an interest in teh group and will serve as an advisor.  An advisor is needed to help with the details of organizing the group and carrying out the long-term goals of the organization.
  3. Contact the SGA Parlimentarian and the Director of Student Activities to discuss your plans and secure a “How to Start a Student Organization” packet, along with a copy of the “Organizational By-Laws” packet.  They will be able to assist you with understanding and maintaining a successful organization as well as promoting and brainstorming ideas for your new club.
  4. Schedule an organizational meeting with the advisor.  The advisor can assist you in reserving a space for the meeting and the publicizing of the meeting through fliers and posters, but make sure to get them approved through the Student Activities Office.
  5. Hold your meeting! Secure the signatures of at least 10 interested students and complete the “Petition for Formation”.  At least six (6) members are needed to qualify as a recognized club at Navarro College.
  6. Get your members together adn form a constitution.  If you have questions abut how to form a constitution, the SGA Parliamentarian can give you tips and a sample constitution to base yours on.
  7. After working with the advisor, other prospective members of your club, and the SGA parliamentarian and advisor, submit the “Petition for Formation,” membership list and constitution, and the signed portion of the “Organizational By-Laws” handbook to the SGA Parliamentarian or Director of Student Activities for review and preliminary approval.
  8. Begin appearing at regularly scheduled meetings of the student organization.  On the second meeting, a vote will be taken for formal recognition.  You should be prepared to present your club and what it stands for.  At this meeting, you will have two (2) minutes.
  9. The petition must then be signed by the president of the Student Government Association, the Director of Student Activities, and the Vice President of Student Services to complete the approval process.
  10. Now the organization is formally recognized by Navarro College.  Remember, your organization now carries the Navarro College and represents the student body.


Download the Student Petition for Formation of an Organization below.