Student Government Association


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The Student Government Association “SGA” is dedicated to supporting Navarro College’s athletic programs and getting students involved in campus activities.  SGA is the voice of the students to the NC Administration on any cares or concerns students may have.   Meetings are held every Monday at 4:30 pm in the Cook Center, for this purpose. At this time, delegates from each club speak on behalf of their organization to make announcements or share their opinions on campus issues. These meetings are open to all students who would like to attend and at each meeting there is always a time for all students to have an opportunity to bring forth any issues that they believe are important.  Student Government highly encourages students to come to these meetings so they can better understand what is going on at Navarro.  Joins us… YOU make a difference!

SGA’s 10 Commitments to the Navarro Student Body

  • Instill Pride
  • Be Champions
  • Provide Transparency
  • Teamwork
  • Leave a Lasting Legacy
  • Always show Progress
  • Productivity
  • Consistency
  • Be Excellent
  • Philanthropy


Our Goals

  • Communication within the board and throughout the clubs
  • Always smile and stay positive
  • Stay organized
  • Be leaders in the community
  • Bridge the gap between students and administration
  • Heighten participation at school events