The mission of Disability Services is to promote reasonable accommodations and facilitate equal access to all services and programs at Navarro College. Other essential elements of Disability Services are to increase disability awareness, advocate for students with disabilities, provide training to faculty and staff, maintain compliance with federal law, and educate students in a least restrictive environmentDisability Services works to accomplish these goals through advising, providing tutoring, special equipment, classroom and testing accommodations.

The Disability Services’ main office is located on the Corsicana Campus in the Gooch One Stop Center, first floor office #223.  Services are available on all Navarro College campuses through coordination of personnel on each campus.

To qualify for services, students must submit documentation to Disability Services, according to the established guidelines 

Navarro College also has an Ability Awareness Club located on the Corsicana campus. The club’s mission is to increase disability awareness, provide support and education for our students with disabilities, and promote value of all, despite disabilities. Please contact Brett Haduch at 903-875-7377 or via email for more information.